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Exposure of Toy and Vo yo

Update December 23rd




Kyle got ddosed after joining LT





Toy tells Whats up 11 goodbye over and over, soon after that whatsup11 goes offline..



Hard to see but hes saying ”why does toy keep telling me ”bye”.

Then vanishes…

Me and toy go back a while..we we’re in dcp together arguably a good friend of mine until now. Well here i’ll be explaining why Elmikey has been getting ddosed..and andrew as well as me.

So around 1:00 am Dec 15th. Thinking all the possible people who could be actually doing this to elmikey preventing him from leading Light troops. Maybe this is a sad attempt of breaking us down?

I don’t know what the reasoning behind this is..my guess is Toy and Vo yo are just upset that Elmikey got couped from dw and declared war on cpac?

So lets get started shall we:

I private chatted Toy asked him this

Screenshot at Dec 16 00-18-07

Literally 3 minutes after i said this those two posts went away.

Notice how they we’re posted on the same day?

Screenshot at Dec 17 00-04-09

you can find that  website here  https://clubpenguinbca.wordpress.com/

I asked Elmikey if he had made that post, he said he didn’t.

So after that i told Toy that, in that email the IP traces back to Vo yo’s IP adress cause that where elmikeys account was logged in from.

Lier. I know he lied because a day after Andrew asked Silverburg to look that IP up on CPAC site it lead to Vo Yo.

So if you ask Silverburg now he’ll probably deny it so DW leadership can look good.




hsFfmon (1)

qSssR61 (1)Site wasn’t offline, Silverburg tried to weasel his way out of it.

I mean seriously? why would you stoop this low. It’s Club penguin armies.


 His runescape account was also hacked, now the only person that would hack a runescape account would be Toy he plays it alot and seems like the only person kind of intrested in it.


Remember SaNity? the one who hacked into SMAC a while ago?

He has 2 accounts.


Screenshot at Dec 16 19-34-33


http://prntscr.com/5grzh0  <—- Everything else that has been hacking into.

So thats all i know this far, i will add anything if something comes up 

And if i get ddosed or i’m not on for period of time then you will know something is up.

– Sherlock Holmes – Light troops leader

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  3. Arguably good friends until now?

  4. […] You cannot control the Light Troops. We’re the lone wolves of the night, we do whatever we want. You guys need to remember you’re a NEWS SITE. There is no ”Black Alliance” and never will be. Stop trying to victimize the Light Troops once more. You’re quick to get on LT’s case with DDoSing, Doxing and whatnot (which are false) YET you ignore our post that called out DW for DDoSing us and RATing Elmikey with our proof. […]

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  7. […] been accused by the Light Troops. Some of the following photographs and excerpts will come from this […]

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