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Defense of Ice Box [Results]

Hello Troops!

Today we defended our most beloved server Ice Box against the evil Dark Warriors. We didn’t hit 70+, instead we got around 60+ max on CP. During battle we got raided by some bots and it made some of our troops lose connection and they didn’t bother logging back in. So we went down to around 45+ on CP in the first 10 minutes. We didn’t get to fight the Dark Warriors until the :13 minute mark. We charged into the ice berg and met with DW. Sadly we did not switch fast enough and we got out-sized by 5-7 troops. Regardless we still put up a strong fight and didn’t go down without fighting. We soon switched to the ice rink at the :24 mark and completely wiped DW out.

DW won Ice berg

LT won Ice rink

Our performance was very poor compared to our exepetations we had for today. Instead of going off to find the enemy you should be listening to orders from the leaders and stay in the room where you were ordered to go. Running around trying to find DW did nothing but get ourselves unorganized which cannot happen again.

Max – 60

Average – 55

Pictures below:

*No prebattle pics were taken due to me not recording at that time. Pics may be added however.*



Jokes in line




Yes chant


Good job Troops.

-Andrew24 LT.LEADER

4 Responses

  1. Notice how he posted pictures of the ice rink only (wary)

  2. Thanks for posting andrew. Wish i could have been there


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