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Response to ”Botgate Part Deux”

The Light Troops had no role in Camelogical whatsoever. Vex, the leader of the group, even called Andrew a ”fag” on Skype numerous of times for banning him on LT chat. If you haven’t noticed I have retired from the Light Troops and the leaders are Andrew, Jester and Elmikey. Why do you keep on linking my actions with the Light Troops even when I am not in the army?

Also, I find it funny you only punish the Light Troops and not the Water Vikings. ltamar, WV owner, has the actual bot script (where I don’t) and raided lots of events alongside Vex and Titan. Yet, you ignore that fact and save the army you made and just fully blame the Light Troops. The only evidence you gathered is that I am somehow linked to the group – which I explained over and over. I knew Titan before he started raiding Club Penguin, so we started hanging out again.

Camelogical will be raiding the Finals and there’s nothing I can do about it. They said themselves that they are not affiliated with the Light Troops yet you ignore this and keep allowing the pressure from the Dark Warriors to get to you. You’re just using the Light Troops as a scapegoat as you know there is no way of stopping their raids. If the Light Troops were truly the cause of the raids then we would stop, however Vex & Titan are STILL going to raid the finals. Why? BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE. You can punish LT all you want, they still won’t stop. There’s nothing we can do about it.

Titan from Camelogical made a response to CPAC’s punishment against the Light Troops on Insanity’s site:


So as you can see, Camelogical are still raiding the finals and there is nothing I nor the Light Troops can do about it. The fact you’re punishing LT due to a retiree hanging out with them is laughable – as I don’t even control the bots. The three people who only know how to do this are Vex, Titan and Wire (a Water Viking owner that you seem to forget)

*I’ll also like to add the fact that numerous army leaders and members came on nginx chat requesting specific armies to be raided, some requests against the Light Troops*


Yeah, because the Light Troops would totally raid themselves.

So Zak, you need to rethink your punishment against the Light Troops. You’re just allowing the pressure and lies from the Dark Warriors get to you. The Light Troops don’t control the bots and never have, we have no power to stop Camelogical’s raid in the finals (the finals we’re participating in). What you’re doing now is blaming us for someone’s else action that we can’t control, which is unjust and fair. Camelogical said it themselves, they aren’t related to the Light Troops and they’re actually angry at ME because they think I’m stealing all their spotlight.

If Camelogical was part of LT would they be saying this?

* I also love how DW didn’t take pics of me banning Titan & Vex forever for raiding the Light Troops with their bots during the battle. We totally own those bots, right? *

To sum this up, CPAC just chose the least liked army in the Top Ten (LT due to CPAC being owned by ACP, DW and IW) and put the blame on us for something we have no control of. This is weak judgement and hasn’t changed anything as Camelogical laughed at this and are still carrying on raiding armies. By doing this you have motivated them MORE as they’re bringing chaos and confusion to the community. Good job.

PS: I’m still waiting for you to punish the Water Vikings as their owner (ltamar) actually had the bot script and constructed raids alongside Vex & Titan. If you punished LT then you must punish WV.

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  6. Waterkid, you do make a good point.


  8. i’d like to see what these bots can do

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