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Waterkid removed

In response to recent events Waterkid has been removed. The leadership of this army strives to be the best. We produce our results legitimately. We do not need our outstanding results discredited. Therefore, on behalf of the entire LT leadership, Waterkid has been taken out, and anyone involved in that Camelogical group is to be banished forever. We know that Waterkid is probably innocent, but he had too much power for someone who isn’t leader anyway. I also understand that most, if not, all recent accusations against Waterkid & LT are false. They are simply DW attempts to discredit LT in a time when LT is better than them. 

Also a quick message regarding CPAC’s message which stated that LT would be disqualified from the tournament if bots show up. That is absurd, any army or group can make yellow bots and frame it on LT. In-fact I’ve been seeing this occur since the day I returned. If the Blues were overseeing CPAC still, they’d cut whoever came up with that idea.

3 Responses

  1. Waterkid is innocent, Elmikey. IW and LT are probably enemies, but I wish to say this: This is bullshit

  2. It is still unfair that bots are being used and so there needs to be justice no matter what. However, I do applaud you for this action and how you took control of your army from a guy who wasn’t technically holding the position to control it. Cheers!

  3. I may not like Waterkid anymore but this is unfair he did nothing wrong and he was an advisor.

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