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  • The Light Troops are one of the largest, strongest, and most experienced armies in all of Club Penguin. The Light Troops Army of Club Penguin was created in 2010. The Light Troops Stand tall and protect Club Penguin from its invaders. We are a unique army, we give out coin rewards and codes after our battles we also have a chat! Join our discord to become a Light Troop!

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The Truth About Venom

Venom is just an attention seeker. He lied about being fired from the Light Troops. The real reason Venom quit is because we demoted him to 3ic. Yes, that is the reason why that loser left. He is currently a member rank in DW and hopes to get moderator by saying lies about the Light Troops, haha! He did this when he left us and went to the Water Vikings (because we demoted him to 3ic) and came crying  back to rejoin the Light Troops. Venom was never an important figure in the Light Troops and never will be. Getting false information from some kid who always ragequits the army whenever he doesn’t get a promotion. The funny thing is Venom left as an owner because he was MAD he didn’t get 2ic, yet he joins DW as a member rank, FAIL! We will never accept you back Venom, no matter how many times you beg. This goes to all the betrayers, the Light Troops will always shine with victory.

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