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Dear Light Troops: Message from Ioioluk

*Watch this video before reading the post, then replay it to listen to the music while reading the post*

I am guessing most of you guys don’t even know who I am, so I will tell you. I am ioioluk. I created this army in January 2011. The Light Troops were small but I gradually grew them into a world power, which they still are today 3 years later. I am considered an army legend by many and a official one according to the CPAC Legend Page.

It has been a while since I actually looked at the Light Troops and CP armies (considering I don’t care for it). I have looked at the CPAC news in October and November of how Elmikey joined LT (I was actually shocked) and how LT has constantly been 2nd or 1st for the past 3 months. I am also surprised at how the Light Troops have managed to make it to the finals, as we have always been screwed over by CPAC or the Ice Warriors.

Why am I making this post? I looked at the chat and many people were being negative. I looked at CPAC and saw how Waterkid was removed from the Light Troops and some bot group claiming to be LT or something. On top of that, you guys have to face the Dark Warriors tomorrow (who apparently have hacked Elmikey and DDoS’d our leaders, something SaW did to me in 2013).

Good old Light Troops.

I am here to tell you not to give up. People are saying the odds are against the Light Troops and that we will be ”creamed”. Armies such as ACP, IW, DCP, WV and many will probably be helping DW as that’s what every army does whenever they’re against the Light Troops. This has happened to me and Roberto a bunch of times whenever we lead the Light Troops, but I will tell you a secret.

Never give up, LT. I never did, and that’s why LT is legendary.

I remember leading the Light Troops in 2012 and we were in a huge war with the ACP. We were kicking their ass, since as we all know the ACP are small. Then they pulled the dick move and got the Dark Warriors, IW, DCP and AR to help them. Ontop of that, the Nachos betrayed us and fought us. CPAC was making bias post on how the Light Troops were ”going to die”. But you know what? We didn’t. Although I retired after the war, I thought about it and came back. Why? Because I wasn’t going to let some gay armies tell me what to do. I carried on leading the Light Troops and we were in a golden age.

LT 2012 destroying ACP until they had to bring in allies.

So my final message to you, Light Troops, is not to give up. This is only a tournament. If we win, we win. If we lose, we lose. Regardless, we are still the Light Troops of CP. No army has gone through so much crap like we have. We have been targeted so much by armies and the media simply for being different from armies – but we never let this get to us. We carried on doing what we did. Where are those armies now? AR is dead, DCP is dead, ACP is small and so is IW. The Light Troops will always remain strong, just as long as you don’t give up.

The true winners of tomorrows battle will be determined in your loyalty. If someone quits LT if we lose is truly losing. What I mean by this is that no matter what the result is, we will always remain the LIGHT TROOPS. We will remain a big army regardless of a win or defeat. We will remain getting huge sizes after the tournament and being a big army. We will only lose if YOU, the troops, give up on this army.

We are the best. Always remember that.

Shine With Victory

Your creator,

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