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Corruption of Zak

The corruption of Zak through my eyes..

You know LT was supposed to be 1st. this week but Zak decided not to count our ausia event.

why? i don’t know…it was the right time zone…we brought it up to him but i guess he didn’t care


Picture of the Ausia event on the 20th of december.

Screenshot at Dec 20 00-37-56


Exhibit #2

I tell Zak that Toy DDoS and Vo yo but he also didn’t care about that either or it would’ve reached CPAC. i guess hacking is not important nowadays…i guess my assumption he really hates LT and is favoring the hell out of DW and this true because this also would have been as popular as the famous ”bot deux” report..

he cares more about a stupid group and punishing LT either than this communitys troops being ddosed by A LEADER IN DW AND DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT


But yet he does not even acknowlege it even thought there is pretty solid evidence of DDoS attacks coming from DW.


Exhibit #3

Brings up the Bot post stating that

”the Light Troops will receive a 3 point deduction from their Top Ten score every time the bots raid an event. If this continues, harsher punishment will come. This goes for any army found guilty of responsibility for bot raids. And also, if the bots even TOUCH the Christmas Chaos Finals, the Light Troops will lose automatically and will be banned from the Top Ten for however much time we feel necessary.”

Why is that even fair…it’s something me,elmikey and andrew have no part in and your associating it with Light troops when we have 0 part in all this botting stupidity.

It is not fair that we cannot control this and we still get punished for it.

Uxusnfq DWxsxmp

Going to steal a paragraph from Waterkids post

Also, I find it funny you only punish the Light Troops and not the Water Vikings. ltamar, WV owner, has the actual bot script (where I don’t) and raided lots of events alongside Vex and Titan. Yet, you ignore that fact and save the army you made and just fully blame the Light Troops. The only evidence you gathered is that I am somehow linked to the group – which I explained over and over. I knew Titan before he started raiding Club Penguin, so we started hanging out again.”

And this

”To sum this up, CPAC just chose the least liked army in the Top Ten (LT due to CPAC being owned by ACP, DW and IW) and put the blame on us for something we have no control of. This is weak judgement and hasn’t changed anything as Camelogical laughed at this and are still carrying on raiding armies. By doing this you have motivated them MORE as they’re bringing chaos and confusion to the community. Good job.

PS: I’m still waiting for you to punish the Water Vikings as their owner (ltamar) actually had the bot script and constructed raids alongside Vex & Titan. If you punished LT then you must punish WV.”


This can’t be anymore true…

Your corruption has to stop..maybe that why armies are dying cause your so one sided it’s ridiculous half DW is in CPAC..you just let DW walk all over you like your a rag doll.

Stop this corruption, either step down for fire some people.

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