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*Brigade was a former DW mod and so was Jez.

Jez is now trying to cover up the fact that he spilled the beans to me to try to join the light troops, he is saying that i threatened him, he is only saying that cause i denied him entrace into our great empire.

Long story short he went back to DW but knowing he had exposed DW for multiloging he had to cover it up TO JOIN DW AGAIN LOL.

I have the whole conversation screenshotted. I did not threaten him.


Drake [DW Leader] Kiking his Moderator using derogatory words directed to him.


SXwTF4e Screenshot at Dec 30 12-52-58


  Screenshot at Dec 29 05-20-10Screenshot at Dec 29 05-30-55Screenshot at Dec 29 05-22-11


Screenshot at Dec 28 17-57-06 Screenshot at Dec 28 17-54-31


dIC4jGp Screenshot at Dec 28 17-46-19 Screenshot at Dec 28 17-47-49 xEstqwY

7 Responses

  1. LT still rocks =D

  2. Honestly, I bet you had a soldier change his name and whatnot to say this. Also, I bet you or someone else will edit my comment because you’re all immature.

  3. […] UPDATE: Below is a summary of the statements given to CPA Central by Jez, Former DW Moderator and the topic of this post. […]

  4. LT ur truth is out now so stop trying to hide it

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