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My Time Has Come to an End

Hello fellow Light Troops, as you know my name is Tylund1. I have been in LIght Troops since 2011 and am one of the only troops that are still in LT from 2011(the creation year). Whether it was being Leader or 2nd in command I have always tried to help LT rise to their full potential. I have recruited in many different ways, chat recruiting in 2011-2013 and autotyping in early 2013-2014. There was no other army for me other than Light Troops as Light Troops are the best army ever. That is part of the reason why I am still in the army today and never retired like other Light Troop veterans. I had the motivation to stay in LT and help it prosper to great heights, but now sadly my time has come for retirement. Yes over the past week I have seen many troops on chat being sad over this, yet you’ve got to understand that I will be turning 16 in January and I’ve got to live my life. I could not think of a better army to retire with. So I would like to introduce you to my retirement post.

I will start the post telling you a little bit about my history  with early Light Troops. I started out in Light Troops in late January 2011, when I met a person name Ioioluk, Light Troops creator. He introduced me to the army an straight away I started out as mod as the army was pretty new. It didn’t take me too long to get promoted to owner. The Light Troops worked hard everyday with recruiting but it was severely hard to make the CPAC Top Ten at the time since we straight away got hated by the Top Ten maker at the time named Skloop, who was also an ACP 3ic at the time. We were bigger and strong than most of the armies at that time but we never knew we would grow to even stronger heights. A couple of months later I was promoted from 3ic straight to Leader, making me the 5th Leader of Light Troops. My first duty as Leader was assisting other Leaders in a war against a cheating army called Golden Troops. Golden Troops were historically known for multi-logging with a leader named Jerry and we even proved it at the time. Even with the cheating the Light Troops shined with victory, and won the war. That lead to a feature of wars in which we faced a fierce rival named Doritos of CP. We had many wars with them in 2011 that we won all. One the most memorable wars from 2011 though was Light Troops vs Nachos. At the time I was leading with Ioioluk and Roberto. In this war we grew to new heights as we reached sizes never seen before to Light Troops and defeated a Nachos army in which were the 2nd biggest army at the time(even though we proved it otherwise). Moving on to the end of December and winter break


Then came a long the year of 2012. 2012 was a pretty slow year for armies but Light Troops prospered late May early June. Light Troops hit sizes of 40-50+ and 1st on the top for the first time since 2011. We also faced off against ACP who at the time were one of the biggest powers of CP Armies. They would consistently get sizes over 50 and were 1st for months and months. The Light Troops put up a great fight against them but sadly we couldn’t beat them due to many problems within the army.

That brings me to Light Troops 2013. In 2013 I rejoined Light Troops along with Ioio and other Light Troops veterans to recreate Light Troops. Sadly this was a short last generation as we started getting lazy and switched to another game called atWar. At the time we still beat powerful armies like HSA.  Later in 2013 Light Troops were brought back by Spi101 and Waterkid. I heard about this and I immediately joined. Light Troops straight away went to war with long time rival ACP. We saw great sizes for the first time without our creator Ioioluk. Just like many generations these sizes were short lived and the war turned against our favor as we faced a whole alliance. Waterkid though, unlike Spi, stayed with the army throughout this depression.


Now here we are in 2014. I rejoined in May 2014 along with many LT veterans again to help out Waterkid, this was also the first time we saw RMSTitantic in year(LT co-creator). Sadly he soon betrayed us to Dark Warriors. At this time we were declared war on  by a massive alliance put out to kill us. We didn’t back out of this challenge and quickly grew to amazing sizes beating this alliance. Many of the veterans retired with some including I stayed for summer. Below is picture of a Defense of our Capital Ice Box agaionst the LoJ Alliance.

We then move onto our big summer war against DW. In this war we fought a full month war vs Dark Warriors, an army considered unbeatable at the time. We proved that we were just as strong as them as we consistently had sizes of 50-60+ and even reaching 75+ on CP for the first time in our existence. The war was then to be settled that whoever won the Legends Cup Tourney battle would be the victor of the war. Sadly Dark Warriors weren’t as fortunate as us because they didn’t even get into the Semi Finals battle making us the automatic victors of the war.

Soon after this Waterkid and Roberto retired putting us into another depression. Soon after this Waterkid realized he had to come back but still without any help he couldn’t do too much. He was overwhelmed and merged into Pirates. I stayed looking around at CP armies but temp retired due to this. I came back when I heard Waterkid decided to remake Light Troops. The day later i heard Elmikey would lead alongside Waterkid and became happy as I knew Elm’s successes with other armies. Soon enough we started hitting good sizes but we knew we could do better. Jester was promoted as Waterkid retired and Andrew and his friends joined the army. As most of you know this lead to ACP and the Grand Alliance declaring war on us. We fought through that war and eventually beat ACP officially for the first time in years. That leads to now and our soon to be battle with DW.

Now I would like to recognize a couple of leaders and troops who have became friends with me throughout THIS generation of Light Troops.

Waterkid: I have to admit we have had our ups and downs throughtout our time together in Light Troops, but one thing I have to give you is that you stayed loyal with Light Troops when no one else would. You were a good friend and an even better leader. Good luck with your retirement.

Jester: I first fully met you when you joined LT as 3ic in summer. I saw you were a really underrated leader and you proved many people including Mustapha wrong with your leading skills. You are a great friend also and I am glad you are leading Light Troops to great heights along with Elm and Andrew.

Elmikey: I used to say I would never be in an army with Elmikey but here I am. Throughout the time you lead LT you have been a great leader, and even though I barely talk to you, I am glad you came in to help Waterkid lead. I may question your skills at times but no one can question how great of a leader you are.

Andrew: I have seen you lead many armies before like Elm and knew you lead them to great heights. You are a great leader and through the time I have talked to you which is not much, a pretty good friend. I wish you good luck leading LT further on.

Drew Crew as a whole: I made one for the Drew Crew as a whole mainly because you guys work together great as a team. You all are great at recruiting and know how to lead. I am glad you contributed to this generation of Light Troops.

Epic Master: You are a guy who has a strong personality, which I like to be honest. It has gotten you fired a couple of time though. I think you are a great recruiter and like how you contribute to Light Troops.

Tobercold: You were 2ic earlier in this generation but soon were fired. I am glad you have came back as you are a great owner and really active.

FIrestar; You are a great mod and great recruiter. You will soon be owner don’t worry. The future of Light Troops. 🙂

Duckz101: You are one of the most active mods I have seen in awhile and a good recruiter. Another future owner of Light Troops.

Gloria: A personal good friend who I have had great discussions in pc over football or whatever.

To everyone I have missed: I am sorry if I have missed you and that does not mean you are not worse than the people above. I may have missed you for other reasons as I am typing this up fast because I got to recruit for battle. You all are great in your own ways. You all contribute to LT success and without you LT would not be alive. I thank you all!!!

I am so grateful to have been apart of the greatest army ever. I will never forget about this army and will always treasure it. I will try to come on chat as much as I can and help Light Troops  but right now I am too busy with basketball and school.

P.S this has to be my longest post almost 1,700 words.

Light Troops as always, Shine With Victory.

~Tylund1 Light Troops Legend, Veteran, Former Leader


9 Responses

  1. I salute you for your service to the Light Troops Tylund

  2. i will miss you tylund! i will always remember you!

  3. *salute*

  4. Awwwww thanks for the mention! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Anyway, good luck with you’re life, you were a awesome leader. Very skilled and always knew the right thing to do. Glory to the light!

  5. We will never forget you Tylund you have been a great leader and never led us down.

  6. *salute* Goodbye Tylund!

  7. *salute* Goodbye Tylund!

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