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Ice Warriors Aren’t A Threat

So, the Ice Warriors think that we have ”fallen” because we got screwed over yesterday in the Christmas Chaos. Do I have to remind the Ice Warriors they’re irrelevant in the LT & DW rivalry? They’re the one who lost to the RPF – an army that’s currently first on SMAP. The Light Troops always and will continue to be superior.

Light Troops defeat IW in a UK PB – IW logs off

Can’t even get 5…

Light Troops wreck IW in a PB – 6 days ago

Screenshot at Dec 23 15-31-03

The list can go on. Why don’t you guys (Ice Warriors) carry on slurping on DW’s c*** instead of trying to be a hero and 2v1 the Light Troops.

2 Responses

  1. made that pic 😂 😂

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