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Kyle103’s Comment Reply

I don’t comment on CPAC as they have editors that leak IPs so Toysoldier can DDoS us (IW and DW editors) so I will reply to your comment here.

”Very unnecessary Elm. You has won ”I was being DDoSed. ” – 2014 awards of the year… and that means you said about this every weeks. Dark Warriors does not DDos and doesn`t know how to do it. But you`re probably referring to your leaders, because your leaders does know how to boot people.”

That’s incorrect, the Dark Warriors do DDoS. Even a current DW own acknowledges this fact. The Doritos already exposed Toysoldier of having a past of DDoSing and defacing on another alias, so I don’t know why you keep lying to yourself that DW are ”a goody goody army”. The LT leaders do not know how to DDoS, unlike your friends SaW and xiUnknown, who we all know have a good history of DDoSing people during their leadership.

”Half of your troops got booted, and half of your troops quit because of this. Next time, you need to make more sense of making a agreement comment and more necessary, so l can agree with you. You need to stop being such a brainwashed person and blind. It`s round time now and this already pissed me off. Half of DW and IW troops pced me about LT leader`s threatening to DDoS them.”

What exactly do you mean by ”half of your troops got booted”? Are you now supporting the fact that Toysoldier DDoSed us, or you’re trying to imply the LT leaders DDoS their own troops? Elmikey wasn’t making an agreement comment in the first place, he just said he would make armies a better place if he wasn’t DDoSed all the time. Show me screenshots of any LT leader ACTUALLY pc’ing someone threatning to DDoS.

”Again, this is cp armies man. It`s time to get serious, and its time to defend them to stop booting people so seriously.
Back when Acid clan was first part of it, the group of acid clan was called a hacking group that can boot and dox people, including the creator of an army, like Commando993 literally got doxed and his information’s got leaked. Then as you know, the anti-hacking group take over, and ended the acid clan to tell them to stop or whatever it was. The people who stopped doing that over 3-4 years now, and thats pretty impressive, so people can get along and likes each other.
This was back in late 2010 and early 2011.”

Yes, this is CP armies, so that’s a reason why we SHOULDN’T be so serious about this. I couldn’t understand what your next sentence meant. Who are you trying to defend? The DDoSers or the victims? Yes, I know the ACID clan, and the fact you’re saying this took place 3-4 years ago is laughable, as the ACID clan was active in the summer of 2012, DDoSing people for their xat powers. And guess what? ACID members were DW retirees!

”During 2014, Light Troops was not a hated army when Spi takeover the LT and lead it. After Ioiouk retired, l never knew this came too far for LT to boot people like 50 people in total(crazy huh?) When Rob and Water stepped down, Andrew take over the LT, with Jester, etc other leaders. But people got learned how to boot, and ip grabber to boot the people. So, Waterkid used to be chill back in Pirates when he use to treat people nice and that’s how Pirates got first in the top ten before. Now he can boot people with ip grabber because he got taught by Camelogical and how to use bots in club penguin to raid an armies`s event.”

Uhm, LT was still hated under Spi. In fact people mocked him as they called him an army hopper for leaving Romans to lead LT. Ioioluk retired in like 2012, and he doesn’t even know you. Since when did LT boot 50 people? DW got over 60+ on CP yesterday, right? You don’t DDoS people with an IP grabber. Pirates never got first on the Top Ten, and people still hated me in the Pirates. Again, you don’t DDoS people with an IP grabber, lmao. Here comes the Camelogical accusations. You need to stop blaming LT for Camelogical’s actions, son

”LT became more a hater army than a Hitler from NAZI army.”

Yes, of course, because clearly being accused of using bots and DDoSing on CLUB PENGUIN is far more worst than killing 6 million Jews and other millions of innocent lives! Can’t believe the Light Troops are more hated the Nazi army, an army that actually existed in the REAL WORLD and killed many lives, whereas the Light Troops is a Club Penguin that throw virtual snowballs at our opponents and dance in lines, oh the logic! (please keep in mind this fool is an Ice Warriors owner rank)

”Do you understand this now? Does this makes sense to you? Do you know why you got booted? Your leaders are pretending to not boot you, but they actually did it. Watch where you are going, and you might end up getting booted more longer when you keep this up. It`s not even funny.”

No, I don’t understand what you’re trying to get at with your horrible grammar. No, nothing you said made sense, ”worse than a Hitler in NAZI army”. Yes, I know why I got booted. DW are scared of the Light Troops so need to DDoS us in order to prevent LT from reaching their best potential in battle. Wait, so in the beginning you said that LT are DDoSing DW and IW, and now you’re saying we’re DDoSing our own troops? What kind of logic is this

”Think before you comment to any post. Please, and thank you.”

You should’ve thought of that before commenting this pathetic, illogical paragraph.

3 Responses

  1. Kyle the idiot.

  2. lol #idiotoftheyear!

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