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CPAC Go Jump off a cliff

EDIT: Are CPAC seriously this stupid? The Grand Alliance declared war on LT in November and it was a 3v1. Yet, they never victimized them and said they were destroying the community. However, when the Black Alliance did it against ACP we were called ”evil” and ”destroyers of the community”, stupid hypocrites.

You cannot control the Light Troops. We’re the lone wolves of the night, we do whatever we want. You guys need to remember you’re a NEWS SITE. There is no ”Black Alliance” and never will be. Stop trying to victimize the Light Troops once more. You’re quick to get on LT’s case with DDoSing, Doxing and whatnot (which are false) YET you ignore our post that called out DW for DDoSing us and RATing Elmikey with our proof.

Screenshot at Dec 30 12-52-58


I told you guys. CPAC is just controlled by DW/ACP and IW. They are corrupt. I never believed Elmikey how he said CPAC was so controlling over armies when he was leading DW, but now I understand. CPAC is a news site. Stop acting like the gods of warfare. You try to make LT look like the bad guys in every possible way. You guys are complete idiots. I ownered Titan on PURPOSE. Why? To show how STUPID and OBSESSED you morons are with trying to link Camelogical with LT, and I was right. I even said on chat ”PLZ DONT REPORT US 2 CPAC”. I am done trying to explain myself, I will not get pushed around and ordered by a news site.

The Light Troops can owner WHO EVER THEY WANT. The Light Troops can raid WHOEVER THEY WANT. We are a Club Penguin army. We’re doing this for fun, not to remain in good ties with a stupid news site. CPAC is a news site. They cannot make laws or decide whether or not an army is valid or not. Why don’t you guys stick to making posts instead of blabbing rubbish of the ”Black Alliance”. What Black Alliance? Just because Andrew24 left LT that means we’re redoing the Black Alliance? How desperate can you get, CPAC?

CPAC are so quick to post about LT whenever we’re accused of doing bad things. ”Oh, Camelogical is on LT chat? Better post that on CPAC!”. The LT made a detailed post accusing the Dark Warriors are RATing and DDoSing the LT owners. Guess what? CPAC ignored it. But when DW cries, ”LT ARE DDOSING US” they post it right away. It’s time we don’t view CPAC as some sort of ”judge of armies” but what they really are – a corrupt news site that are being run by complete idiots. If CPAC think they have the rights to tell us who we can or can not have on our chat, then they need a reality check. You guys are a NEWS SITE. Get that into your THICK heads.

*Click here to read the post of LT exposing DW*



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  1. Bias suckers.
    ~ Epic

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