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CPAC/IW member threatening to DDoS

The picture above shows an Ice Warrior / CPAC threatening to DDoS me.


Here’s what I see from my point of view:

This was a good paragraph post about how CPAC is evil, but we all know that. I’ll just say this: Ever since the Blue’s retired CPAC is to never be taken seriously. They are simply The Grand Alliances weapon of mass deception. They don’t report about things that might make their alliance look bad. They simply want to accuse LT of multi-logging and using bots because they’re mad because we’re good and they’re not. Just stop taking CPAC serious, and see them as the joke they are, and maybe then they’ll stop haunting the community, probably not though, but at-least we the good-guys won’t be phased by their bull-crap anymore.

Also Vo Yo signed into my xat account via Remote Administration Tool.

4 Responses

  1. I trust that you will delete this comment Elm but you also beforehand threatened RPF and other people with war if they do not join the resistance

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