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The Grand Alliance are desperate

EDIT: Apparently there are now two versions of the edited picture. Want to know why? because the Dark Warriors released this picture first then edited it again to make it more believable. How stupid and pathetic.

The Grand Alliance have resorted to editing pictures in order to boost their morale for this war. They know they are small and have no chance against the Light Troops, a war machine. The Grand Alliance poorly edited a picture of a private chat with me and a null called ”Anon” about DDoSing.

What happened was that a null came on chat and started PC’ing me. His name was ”Anon”. He told me if I wanted to help him ”expose” CPAC and that he had proof of them being bias. I didn’t really pay attention to his PC and expected him to give me a dodgy link to get my IP, so I gave a warning to the moderators on chat to not click links. If you were online at around 1pm GMT you would remember this. ”Anon” edited our conversation and made this:

First of all, this doesn’t look like me. I don’t say things like ”o lol” – that’s something an Ice Warrior would say (eg. ”lol hi” by Iceyfeet). When would I EVER say something like ”eat the story up”, if you actually knew me you would know I never say stupid things like that.

Second of all, the editing is terrible. The ”interact with waterkid101” box is way too off my pawn. This is how it should look like:

Second of all, my picture has a SHADOW. In the edited picture of me saying the DDoS things you see no shadow in my picture. However, in the picture above there’s a shadow in my picture.

There’s no shadow on my picture

This is a picture I took right now. As you can see there’s a shadow on my picture.

Another thing I would like to point out is that the identify of who I was talking to was edited out. Why would you do that? If it was truly a conversation then there would be no need to edit out the person I was talking to. Ironically, as soon as this ”Anon” person started talking to me in PC about exposing CPAC I knew he was up to no good and was probably trying to trick me. And this WASN’T edited (which obviously is), why would I admit something like that to a stranger? The fact he started the conversation with ”hey water” implies that he was casually on LT chat and started asking me about the picture. Whenever I usually talk to an owner or a leader, they either say ”water” or I say their name, not ”hey” (sometimes we would say yo). Again, from that point on it hardly sounds like me (”o lol” and ”so cpac would eat the story up”).

This was a pathetic attempt by the Grand Alliance to try frame me. I suggest all LT owners and moderators to be careful of who they talk to on our chat room. Spies come on and try give you links to get your IP and DDoS you during events. I also advise armies in The Resistance to be careful, too, as this could also happen to them.

2 Responses

  1. I can’t believe those idiots would try this, I know you water alot, And you’re a straight up cool guy, You don’t talk rubbish like “Lol” and “eating it up” Lol so stupid

  2. there’s also no white outer on the orange nametag in the fake pic.

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