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Spi Logic #2 (DW makes up their own rules)


(DW Leader) Makes Up His Own Rules


He made a post saying this: 


Earlier today I made a post on the Light Troops site; I will present that post here. I made this post hours before Spi made his post.




DW Mindset: “Elmikey said our invasion is invalid, it actually is invalid!! We make up our own rulez so we pretend we r the winner so our troopz elm recruited dont quit!!! We can pik any LT invasion & say its invalid 2 cus we r cul like that cuz we make up our own roolz!!!! We r so good army – DW ; all our troops can fathom simple sentence!@ We r smart, we r legion, We r great Dark Warrior army!! ! !”

5 Responses

  1. It’s funny ‘cuz it’s true.

  2. lol dw is better than you

  3. lol dw is stupid

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