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CPAC is bias

The top 10 makers keep making DW #1 on the top 10 armies list when they aren’t supposed to be.


Because the top 10 makers are DW.

We the Light Troops max sizes of 30-50 everyday in UK events.

Water Vikings got more points than Light Troops in the UK field. The most WV maxed at a UK event last week was about 10-20. The most LT maxed at a UK event last week was about 40-50. We had UK events everyday too, which all did much better than WV. So how did WV get more points? The top 10 makers are bias.

There are many other inconsistency’s, but I only have to call out one to prove my point.


CPAC is bias. If you cannot see that you have the IQ of a goldfish, I’m serious.

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