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History of Elmikey

I made this post on LT site in November 26, 2014 but I will post it again

I joined CP in April 2007

I joined CP Armies in May 2007

Beware: Very long post. I left a lot out too >.<

My first penguin was called Elmikey. I started off as an Underground Mafias Army rogue and hopped between ACP/UMA until I created my own army called The Robbers of CP, I wanted to be like the great legends Pink Mafias & Oagalthorp. I had a few members in my Robbers army. In-fact my wordpress avatar picture is me wearing my Robbers uniform, I took that picture from my phone cause I didn’t know how to screenshot.

Just a few days after I made that army I was recruited into RPF. Commando717 & his real life friends had just formed RPF, I was their first recruit. They were hanging out in the danceclub on Mammoth, I ran into them on my way to play the upstairs arcade games. The army began to immediately grow after I joined because I recruited 24/7. RPF rose to ACP/UMA’s level in about 3 weeks. Something no army has ever done (at the time) Recruiting became somewhat of a hobby for me cause I was so good at it. Due to my good results I proposed to Commando that we make a rank called “2nd in Command.” so we could be leader together. We did just that. I was leading RPF since the week of it’s creation until the end of Summer 2007. I was sent to my aunts house for a month where she had no internet, my parents sent me away cause I spent too much time online (working on RPF). I returned about a month later as RPF Adviser. I was not interested in CP anymore, although I still helped RPF when I could. I visited regularly throughout the months every year, I was there everyday in 2007, but early 2008 I stopped coming on regularly. My main mission was accomplished when we won WWIII. I showed up for a few Fever war battles in 2008 though. In 2009 I came on after Commando returned to RPF. He banned me forever because I told him he was ruining CP Armies by inventing nations & other stuff I didn’t agree with. I didn’t return to RPF until a few leaderships after he retired. I visited occasionally after that, I was usually owner on chat, depending on the leadership… I’d help the ones I liked. I visited every year, sometimes not as often as others, in my most inactive times, I’d visit once every 4-8 months rather than daily or weekly. I actually forgot about RPF and CP Armies for a long time until I was sitting at my computer bored and I remembered.

I returned from retirement in May of 2013 because Commando717 returned to RPF and one person had contact with me through skype and he messaged me saying to rejoin cause Commando told him to. They knew that I was the only person that could make RPF work well. Kyle Cease (Commando’s irl friend, RPF co-creator) would beg me at times especially around 2010-2011 to be leader. I declined, and continued on being retired. I was checking things out in May 2013 and I noticed how bad CP Armies had become, it disgusted me and I wanted to make change. I returned to RPF as advisor and I went ClubPenguin recruiting. I hand recruited for like two days and had great success so I became leader since lot’s of new troops were joining. I realized I could autotype recruit after cause I saw Nachos doing it. At first I thought it was botting and I tried reporting Nachos to CPAC but noob me didn’t know that Nachos ran CPAC at the time. In-fact Blue1 told me that they couldn’t post anything Nachos wouldn’t like because they’d lose their “business”, since the Nachos were their main source of viewers at the time. That was a terrible thing for me to hear. 5 minutes after I reported Nachos to CPAC for “autotyping” the RPF Capital was raided by 25 Nachos. At the time RPF maxed like 10-15 at scheduled events. Then starting from that moment forward all RPF events were raided by full rooms of followbot, I had to cancel every event for like 3 weeks cause of it. I was convinced it was the Nachos doing it. I patiently waited for followbot to be patched, and once it was I declared war on the Nachos. Before I delcared war on Nachos we declared war on Pirates and killed them as practice for the upcoming, yet to be declared, RPF vs Nacho War. The RPF/Nacho war was the most important & influential war since WWIII. Our war started the 2nd Golden Age. The first one being WWIII (World War 3)



I recorded many battles from the RPF/Nacho war. It ended after months of daily battles. It was one of the longest wars in history, some thought it would never end. At the end of the Summer to many peoples surprise I agreed to Puckley’s request to end the war. We agreed that we were tired of fighting everyday, and I noticed the Nachos took a nasty fall and to this day have never fully recovered. Despite their claims as of today, the war was an RPF victory.

I continued to lead the RPF for about 6 more months.


RPF was turned against me because some people who I ranked up to leader (I was President) began making up lies about me to turn my army against me. They spent a lot of time making detailed propaganda and none of it was true, but my young gullible recruits believed them. I banned the people who were turning against me cause I didn’t have time for that. They were going to ruin the army. Commando717 decided to get on and fire everyone including me (big mistake) and he said their would be leadership elections. I was offended by that, especially since the people voting were all being misled. I decided to join my brother ally, the DCP. I said to RPF “Either make me leader and I get rid of these bad people and fix this, or it’s war” Commando replied “it’s on” and banned me from RPF. He was confident that the 40 people who were unbanned (the community trolls/non-RPF Elmikey haters) would be active and uphold what I built. He was wrong, RPF saw some success for one or two events after I was gone but they quickly fell. My new army DCP reached heights it’s never seen before after I joined. My leadership in the Doritos Army lasted about two months until I quit because I disagreed with the other leader.

I then joined the Dark Warriors. I went through the list of armies until I found one that I could make the biggest change to. I decided that it would be DW. I wanted to show that their “legends” who thought they were good, were nothing compared to me. I decided to begin a “revolution” to see how far I’d get. Under my leadership DW saw record heights, reaching sizes of 80-100 at times. I banned everyone from DW because in my opinion they were bad, and I restarted the army and recruited new people. I told everyone they could either support the revolutionized DW or be banned. I led DW for about 10 months before being overthrown by someone I let be leader. They overthrew me because I was planning on replacing them since they were retiring soon and we needed active people. That was pretty absurd.

The day I was overthrown from DW I joined RPF and that moment I began to get DDoSed constantly. It affected my results in RPF greatly, I could only get them from SMAP back to the top 5. RPF saw sizes it hadn’t seen since my first leadership, we hit 35-40+. I was overthrown from RPF because a second in command was admin on the site and they were part of an elaborate plan to trick Commando into turning against me and framing me for something I didn’t do. I was on vacation for a week or two and when I returned I was overthrown. Commando is still too stubborn to believe that he is again very wrong


I then joined the Light Troops cause Waterkid told me he was restarting it. Waterkid and I were at war with eachother for the entire summer when I was leader of Dark Warriors. I believed the war made him a better with troops and I wanted to start an army from the ground up again. So together we reopened the Light Troops and began recruiting. LT also reached record heights.

Well I’m done with this history post, I’m not including like all the wars and stuff cause thats too much, you can find my youtube channel and go through the videos. I have vids of battles from every war. Lookup “Mikey Doe” on youtube. Anyone can make an army, but only a certain person can make an army #1.

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  1. wow elm u rock

  2. You’re a legend.

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