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DW Leader, XxToysoldier


Nice, Toy.

Hey DW, let me ask you something. This is who you look up to? This is who you choose to follow? This is who you are proud to call leader? I definitely wouldn’t.

These are one of the biggest reasons why we destroy armies like DW. All I asked Toy was if Elmikey was accepted as advisor in the Dark Warriors. When he replied yes, I told him that was an idiotic decision and he said what is in the picture above.

We will destroy the Dark Warriors.

We will pummel them until they are no more.

The age of Darkness is over. The light is coming, it will spread to every corner of the land.

4 Responses

  1. Fake photos. All armies literally uses fake photos in a war…

  2. All of them are fake photos retards

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