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Why Elmikey Was Removed

If you were leading alongside Elmikey in the Light Troops from October to now, you would know that Elmikey does absolutely nothing. He can go around saying ”I made LT rise” and all that, but if you wish to know the true cause of LT’s rise, then I suggest you read on.

Elmikey left the RPF in October. He told me he was ”getting couped” by Waffles and Pj. After all the chaos died down, I learned that this was false shortly after, but I didn’t mind. I had Elmikey and his squad in LT and that was all that mattered to me then. Another person also joined the Light Troops shortly after Elmikey – and that was Jester. You probably did not notice this, that’s because Elmikey LOVES to steal credit. While everyone auto types, Elmikey will make fancy posts on LT site to make it as if he was doing everything. Jester was one of the most hard working leader that I have ever seen. He may lack confidence and leadership, but he’s a very good recruiter.

So why did I keep Elmikey in LT? Simply because there was no one else to replace him. Although Jester was a good recruiter, he was not a good leader. On the other hand, Elmikey wasn’t a good recruiter but always liked to take control when an event start. Therefore I just left Elmikey so he can lead the USA events.

When Andrew24 and his crew joined LT in December they complained to me on a daily basis that ”Elmikey takes all the credit.” I told them I would speak to Elmikey about this, and I did. When I told Elmikey to stop taking credit and to recruit he responded, ”How can I recruit when I get DDoSed 24/7 ?” so I left it at that.

The only thing Elmikey do in the Light Troops that we needed was posting. He made more posts than Ioioluk & Roberto combined. And that’s pretty much it. If he ever recruited, it was for some minutes as he would later be ”DDoSed”. LT will not ”Die” because of this decision, as we clearly do we not depend on Elmikey. People thought DW would fall when they got rid of Elmikey, but they didn’t. LT will be the same and continue shining bright.

If you still want Elmikey in your army (to whatever army he joins for leader) then sure. Just don’t expect your army to rise, lol.

Shout out to Roberto, true Light Troop legend. Tha plug.

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