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Hey DW, Keep On Ridin’

So as many of you might have saw, the Light Troops were placed 2nd again, under the Dark Warriors, who we outnumbered and destroyed all week.

Idiotic, armyhopper, autistic kid, whatever you want to call him, Dpd2000, decided to tell Jester that CPAC does not really care if DW exaggerates by more than 15-20, and that they will take those statistics and use it in the calculations for DW’s top ten placement.

In other word’s, CPAC does not take things like this into consideration:


But if we exaggerated like that, CPAC would throw a fit and immediately deduct points which would affect our placement.

DW, stop riding CPAC, honestly. We all know who is the head in this community. You guys are no stronger than the crap I just took. Grow some balls and admit that you are small. If LT exaggerated as much as you, and CPAC actually bought it, we’d beat you by a mile for first place. But that’s not us. We don’t cheat. We don’t NEED to exaggerate to show that we’re bigger & better than you.

Let’s get real. The Light Troops ARE THE BEST. Deal with it. And if you have trouble, have a cookie.

ltarmycp~Bad, Proud Light Troops 2ic

One Response

  1. CPAC rides DW’s ass without lube

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