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The Burning Light

The Struggle
I didn’t know where I was… Blind folded not knowing if my other comrades were with me or not… I wanted answers….
As we drove down the rocky road the men orderd to get me off the car and sent to the building as a prisoner…. I saw the
light of the sun when the back van door opened…. Where am I?
Waterkid “Jester I need you to take some troops and check out whats going on in the Tunnels of Reklo, take a few troops with you, now go!” I ordered five of my troops to come along Redstar,Weirdest,Blueink,Dr.Matt, and Bayleef.
Not knowing what we were in for, we got into the Destroyer and drove away. If only we had not been deployed this would
have never happened… We approached the entrence of Reklo I ordered Weirdest to stay behind in the “Destroyer” just in case something went bad.
We shined our flashlights down the Tunnel, it was clear. Headed for the main part of the Tunnels we heard a figure in the back round. We all turned our attention to it with our defence lowered…. A smoke bomb came out nowhere, I ordered for everyone to retreat when I heard a loud gunshot and the screaming of one of my men. I saw shadows of black figures surrounding us through the smoke. I looked to the entrance of the tunnel as saw two car light headed for us.It was Weirdest with the Destroyer bout to ram us all… He too was then taking fire by the mysterious figures. I tried to reach for my gun ,but then I felt someone in my presence, must have hit me with his gun I blacked out after that.
The van door opened, they grabbed me and dragged me off the van. Redster was right beside me with a bleeding leg. He must had been the one who I heard scream. They rapped up his wound before he could bleed out… Another ATV came unloading the rest of my troops Blueink, Dr.Matt and Bayleef all barely getting the blind folds off and wondering where they were as well.
The masked troop spoke “We have captured you five for the bribe of Waterkid and the Light Troops to leave this land, if not
we will kill you all!” “What about Weirdest what happen to him!” Blueink shouted. The masked man spoke again “I’m just going to say we know have the vehicle known as the Destroyer, in other words your friend is dead kid!” Shocked we sat in the  blazing hot sun waiting for our fates to be determined, waiting for answers….
Chapter 2 shall be released sometime this upcoming Week!

3 Responses

  1. Nice jose! Very nice story

  2. I like the story

  3. Wow, Lol

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