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Chapter 3 Part 1 The Raging Sun: Judgement Day

Chapter 3 Part 1: Judgement Day
(Waterkid’s point of view) Spi made me and Cstrawberry get out of the tank with our hands up. “Don’t you know you’re being
played?”. I looked at him puzzled. “Jester is one sneaky little crimnal he just wants the army for him self don’t you see?”
It took me a while to think about it ,but he had a point I had to agreed with the guy. We came to a deal, I did not like
it. It had to be done.

Meanwhile Jester arrives back at LT base Final Chaser, Andrew, and Roberto came up to me asking where Waterkid was, I didn’t answer. They must have assumed the worse for him. I had Dr.Matt taken to the Emergency Room to be taken care of. As for the other troops they went for a snack at the cafeteria. The four remaining leaders needed to talk in private among one another. Final Chaser was confused “So, is he really you know… dead?”. “I don’t know Final, I really don’t.” I said in disbelief. “So, what is the plan now what are we going to do?” Andrew said. “Well we could send out a search team!” Final said joyfully. “That will not happen, that is to risky and deadly!” Rob explained “If we’re going to to look for him we might as well leave this base with no one.” An LT Officer, Soni came in the room with a gun pointed right at Jester. “Jester, outside now!” Soni shouted. I walked out  surprised what was happening LT troops were gatherd all around me looking as I marched to the front gates. There was the tank Waterkid drove, Cstrawberry and Waterkid them selves standed on top of it. Behind them was a massive herd of maybe  over 60+ DW troops. Waterkid shouted up to Jester, “So, this is how its going to be? You pretend that I was dead so you  could take over leadership of LT? That is not going to happen, so people of the LT army I ask you to join me to put down Jester’s mad rain of destruction to LT come to me my troops, come to me!” The gates opened and countless numbers of LT troops went to Waterkid, including Final Chaser, Soni, Alyssa, and many more. Waterkid shouted “LT arrest the LT who  support Jester, and capture Jester him self he is mine!” The LT troops charged right back into the base. Jester shouted  “Do not hurt your own brothers retreat, retreat!” Dark Warriors and Light Troops poured in. Light Troops Core (Legends)  came to assist Jester. The leader of Core, Supra marked his men to help Jester out of the rumble. Supra ordered “Jose,  Kappn, Dr. Matt defend Jester!” Dark Warriors all around me started to drop as Core rushed in. Jose turned around and looked at me “We gotta get out of here buddy there is a escort waiting for us and anyone else who gets out!” Jester looked around as he saw his brothers who standed with him get caputed. Tobercold and Andrew held off one section of the base.  Tobercold looked back at me “Jester you and Roberto get out of here, We’ll hold them as long as we can!” Tober shot two DW troops down upon getting charged at. Jester and Core ran retrieving Rob out of the meeting room and ordering all troops to fall back. We rushed through the base where we met up with Mustapha guarded by Blizzard, Agent, even Spyguy.  We all ran to the ship where Badboy was waiting for us. “I thought i’d have to leave you guys!” shouted Badboy. Upon loading everyone up a group of LT troops came asking to help. Blueink, Bayleef, and Blake rushed towards us hopping on at the last second. The ship took off from the base making a turn around over it. All you could see was the fire being lit by LT and  DW troops. The ioioluk monument was taken down by Puff and his crew. We saw Waterkid on the tower with Tobercold and Andrew captured. Tobercold noded his head as Waterkid looked down at him pulled out his sword and stabbed him. That was it… Tobercold… was dead….  We flew away in the break of day. What is to come next for the last of us? Where will we go?

In case you got confused here were the survivors of the Raid
-Core- (LT Legends/Guardians)

Which side do you choose that is right?

LT: Consisting of Waterkid as leader Allyed with DW fighting for the freedom of LT from Jester.
Rebellion LT: Consisting of Jester fighting for those who side with him.

Chapter 3 Part 2, Shall return Sunday, February 1st.

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  2. I feel like I should be in the story. :/

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