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Light troops Igloo contest!

Hey LT,

DrMatt here and Today starts the first fun event of February! Today starts LT igloo contest! This contest will take place from February 2nd till February 8th. The theme will be LT Pride. Decorating your igloo all yellow and supporting LT!. You can either take a screen shot of your igloo and comment in the comment section of this post or you can pc me on chat asking me to meet you on a server so I can see and judge your igloo!

For Non-Members: Since you guy’s don’t have memberships, You can write a small story on what you like about LT or you can dress your penguin up all in yellow with non-member items!

Theme: LT Pride

1st place prize: 1 Month membership

2nd place prize: Mod or Owner for a week

3rd place prize:  1000 Coins

May the best win!

– DrMatt

15 Responses

  1. 1000 coins lol, 1000 xats could be better

  2. One of my Entries. Just put Anything i found yellow. (Including Puffles) XD

  3. http://prntscr.com/60d8zi im sure i will not win but here it is, i dont think the 100 coins is good, better to do 100 xats or 1000 xats

  4. Today i was like Plz how?

  5. I wanna enter, but I don’t have Lightshot; I’ll PC you my penguin name so you can look at my igloo

  6. I can’t leave a link to my igloo pic but my penguin name is beta4655
    so you can Check It out

  7. Dr. Matt lets meet so you can see my iggy sever:ice box meet:town thanks- jose81618

  8. i am a non member but i am unlock these items only for LIGHT TROOPS i think you love it.my image link is

  9. I might not win but here http://prntscr.com/60lgn5

    Here is my igloo…….special Light Troops igloo
    poseidon 112

  11. hey in club pengiun my name is bushra500 in chat my name is (happy fox light troops) non heres my story light troops the army that always win the army who defeats darkness she shine so bright and we do all of this with no bots to cheat no spies we are amazing aren`t we? our dark warriors here cheat with bots and they and they still lose! what wha? so if your on their team or your army are their freinds join us the good side the winning side the light side

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