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The Movement

EDIT: If you look at their website, you will notice 99.9% of their comments come from Dark Warriors. Simi even as far to pose as DrMatt in one of the comments, sad.

I was just chilling on the Light Troops chat and some null user came on chat spamming a link to a stupid site that ”exposed” Mustapha10. For some reason, some moron from either the Ice Warriors/ACP/Dark Warriors think that making a stupid post about Mustapha will make me remove him. Thanks to your post, this makes me want Mustapha to stay in the Light Troops even more. I don’t know why a lot of people in this community take this game so seriously, so making you guys mad is hilarious.

Government? What? I think you’re forgetting the fact this is Club Penguin armies. Calm down, lmao. The Light Troops have no government. Just like the rest, we have leaders and troops who log on Club Penguin. That’s basically it. You’re making it sound as if we’re Nazi Germany or something.

The funny thing is is that this ”Movement” doesn’t target armies such as the ACP, Water Vikings, Dark Warriors or Ice Warriors. Who does it target? Who does it demonize the most? Of course, the Light Troops. If this ”Movement” was to be ”fair” as they claim, then I am pretty sure they will have to expose ”corruption” in EVERY army, not just the Light Troops. To me, this just seems like a desperate attempt from a Dark Warriors to try and break the Light Troops. What’s even more funny is this person who started this ”Movement” claims to be a high respected Light Troop officer.

First of all, don’t even DARE to claim you’re Ioioluk. Ioioluk doesn’t give a single f**k about Club Penguin armies anymore. He wouldn’t bother to do this ”Movement”. All Light Troop retirees can agree on this. Second of all, this is not a Light Troop legend. As most of us know, the majority of Light Troop legends now hangout on BloodLineHQ chat and want nothing to do with Club Penguin armies anymore.

Also, if you were such a ”key figure” in the Light Troops leadership, then why do you name yourself ”Agent Moriarty” ? If you were such an influence on the Light Troops, then surely you can use your true identity to persuade the soldiers in the Light Troops to listen to you. Because as far as they’re concerned, this is just a Dark Warrior who is posing as Ioioluk in a poor attempt of breaking the Light Troops.

So this person continues to make random posts saying how he has ”exposed” Mustapha, which is complete utter garbage as it contains no clear evidence to back up his stupid claim. And guess what armies this person uses as evidence?

Surprise surprise – NOT.

If you continue reading the blog, all this guy focus on is the Light Troops, calling us ”hackers” (with poorly edited pictures) and calling us ”homophobes”. 

LT Leadership Allows This and Influences It

Wow, a null on LT chat saying he’s hacking someone. This is such great evidence that the Light Troops ownership allows this type of behavior. Good job on ”exposing” us!

To conclude this post, I have found out that the person who owns that blog is Simi, a Dark Warrior. Simi, if you told me CP armies meant THIS much to you, then I could’ve stopped LT trolling the hell out of you and DW. LT is not ”evil”, we just TROLL. We troll because people like you take this game too damn seriously. You compare a Club Penguin army to Nazi Germany – a regime that killed millions. In retaliation we make jokes about us being the Nazis because we know you have DW spies who take pictures of us and take us SERIOUSLY. Calm the hell down, Simi. Not even DW leaders take this as serious as you do. It’s just Club Penguin. Forget about it.

PS: I knew it was Simi as he went on a null and started questioning Bayleef (LT Mod) and started bragging about it on DW chat at the same time, saying he has ”inside information” on LT.

PSS: Me claiming to be LT creator was a joke, a joke I knew idiots like you (Simi, DW) would take seriously. Everyone LT does you will take seriously, it’s so funny.

3 Responses

  1. Yo, I had nothing to do with this and when I said I got a look in LT it was my friend on LT chat that told me what was up in a pc. All I did was go on a null to watch fake Ioio troll.

  2. I’m barely on xat and when I’m on it’s barely ever DW chat. Even ask Rocky… I’m with him half the time.

  3. I could truthfully say that I honestly barely give a shit what anyone in armies does as I’m retired which is a clear indicator I do NOT give a shit. It’s just Mustapha trying hard at accusing and insulting me and trying to blame me for everything because it’s easy to point at me as always. Honestly I never made essays like Moriarty has been doing and yeah the comments are from DW. However, I have nothing to do with the circulation of this site. I didnt even know about it.

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