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Hello LT,

I have noticed that it has been awhile since we have done a active count. We are doing the ranking system differently. More challenging in a way.

“What is a active count?“: It’s basically a whole new ranking page. Starting it up all over again. The whole page will be cleared and there will be new ranks added.

“Whats the new ranking system?“: At the end of the week every friday, the ranks page will be updated. If you have a name that is regular then you are fine but if you have a name that is RED, you are close to getting demoted. So it’s important that you all stay active. If you can’t make a event pc one of the owners telling them you can’t.


Active count

CP/Xat Username :


Current rank:

(If new, explain your army experience):


~ DrMatt LT Leader

32 Responses

  1. CP: EpicFred, Bawser108, Light Son, etc. XAT: Soni32
    Timezone: EST
    Current Rank: 4ic, Moderator
    Active Every day :3

  2. CP/xat username: Julianne3865
    Timezone: EST
    Current rank: Lieutenant Colonel

  3. Jessie

  4. xat/cp username:xat username:Izzyfizzy11 (Gibely)cp username:Sweetgg1 timezone: EST. current rank:Light Lieutenant.

  5. CP/xat username: Mya3456
    Timezone: EST
    Current rank: Light Admiral

  6. Blizzard
    Major General

  7. Active count:

    CP/Xat Username : Blueink101 / Blueink

    Timezone(Est,GMT,PST,UK): EST

    Current rank: Brigadier General

  8. CP/Xat Username : theweirdestpersononearth

    Time zone : PST

    Current rank : Major Genral 5ic

  9. Name: Levi
    Timezone: PST
    Current rank: 4ic

  10. CP/Xat Username : Konrad / Zyxwv124
    Timezone(Est,GMT,PST,UK): EST
    Current rank: Mod

  11. Xat username – Epic Master // cp username – Redster1060.
    Timezone – GMT
    Current rank – LIght Lord // 2ic
    Thanks ~Epic Master~

  12. CP/Xat Username : Sniffles2000
    Timezone: UK
    Current rank: Light Admiral

  13. CP/Xat Username : Bigbys/Troppy
    Timezone(Est,GMT,PST,UK): PST
    Current rank: Idk

  14. CP/Xat Username : Tobercold
    Timezone(Est,GMT,PST,UK): GMT
    Current rank: Light Lord

  15. CP/Xat Username : Zhaoheng
    Timezone(Est,GMT,PST,UK): GMT
    Current rank: Light Guardian

  16. cp/xat username boba scott
    timezone United Kingdom
    current rank: light troops captain

  17. CP/XAT username: boba scott
    current rank: LT CAPTAIN

  18. CP: Master Bam/Bam117 Xat: TheKingofHeroes
    Division: US EST
    Rank: Leader

  19. CP/Xat Username: Kittyskitty1 for both
    Timezone: EST
    Current rank: Haven’t been added to ranks yet, it’s been awhile tho

  20. CP/XAT username: lord polar protector of light house of light the third core member under Supra (our leader dont judge) also im a janitor
    Timezone: texas xd
    Current Rank: LT Superior forces

  21. Club penguin username: jose81618
    timezone: pst
    Current rank: light captain

  22. CP/Xat Username :Alexis 12321
    Timezone(Est,GMT,PST,UK):(us)united states
    Current rank:idk

  23. CP/XAT username: Spiderpig010, Bashy_[LT]

    Timezone: GMT

    Current rank: Unknown

  24. CP/XAT username Alyssacat222 (CP) Princess Alyssa (XAT)
    Timezone: PST
    Current rank: Mod

  25. Duckz101_LT_loyalist
    Braidigier generaal
    Note: have not been showing up to events for a while because my computers wifi does not function ( im typing thos on my phone)

  26. Cp name:princess3472/xat:epicgirl
    Time zone:PST
    Rank:Mod Majore

  27. chikorita111/BayleefLT4IC
    ART but i use EST for events
    Current rank 4ic

  28. CP/Xat Username: Pingu8075 (CP) Silent (Xat)
    Timezone: GMT (UK)
    Current rank: Major General

  29. CP/Xat Username : angelfoo2407 (cp)
    Timezone(Est,GMT,PST,UK): SGT(Singapore)
    Current rank: light private

  30. CP/XAT:Poseidon112

  31. CP/Xat Username : Spy LT, Penguinspy97 (Nick)
    Timezone(Est,GMT,PST,UK): EST
    Current rank: Colonel

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