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Water Vikings Are the Jews of This Community

Roberto Edit: Disregard Females, Acquire Currency

The Water Vikings are all part of the Club Penguin Illuminati and I shall prove it in this post.

The Water Vikings have a lot of figures that are high ranks in the CP Media. We have Zakster, the WV creator, who is CEO of CPAC – a corrupt news site that’s planning a new world order where armies such as the ACP, DW and IW rule armies. Then we have Bepboy, the CEO of SMAC – a disgusting site that should’ve been forgotten long ago. In the owner ranks you will see that a lot of them are either CPAC editor (Lord Jay and Antman) or CPAC/SMAP/SMAC reporters.

The Water Vikings has the most CP Media staffs in armies. Why is this?

I will tell you now. 99% of the Water Vikings are Jewish. If you looked at Jews, you will notice how rich they are. Well then, take a look at the WV owners. People like Dash and Lord Jay are showing off their namecolors and purple. Why is this? They are rich, greedy Jews. It is as if the CP Illuminati members created an army where they can all unite as one.

Another proof is the army that the Water Vikings hate. What army are the Water Vikings currently in war with? The Doritos. Notice anything strange about this? No? Well then, what shape is a dorito? That’s right. A triangle. Why would the Water Vikings, who are currently plotting the new CP army world order, declare war on an army that’s based of a orange triangle? This is a subliminal message. They want to make it look like they hate the illuminati and want to destroy it, where as the truth is that they ARE part of it and just covering it up to fool us.

The Water Vikings are filled with Jews and Communists who are plotting a new ”World War” to get rid of armies like us and replace us with the Dark Warriors, ACP and Ice Warriors (aka the ”GOOD GUYS” when they’re really bad). The Light Troops must take action and put an end to  Israel Water Vikings

3 Responses

  1. Does that make Light Troops the nazis? ITS THE HOLOCAUST YAY FOR ARMIES (WARY)

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