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Ice Warriors: Pay 2 Win

We all know the Ice Warriors, right? They used to be an irrelevant army that always kissed DW’s ass. Now all of a sudden they are getting constant sizes of 40+. Why is this? This is because Iceyfeet and Alb paid Lucas806 AKA Waterkid200 a total of $80 for the IW chat to be placed on Lucas806’s popular site CPadders.com

Click for a bigger view

So now you have seen evidence that their chat is embedded on Lucas806’s site, you are probably thinking, ”But Waterkid, how do you know they paid $80?”

Well you see, Lucas806 is Waterkid200. Waterkid200 used to be in the Pirate army back in 2011 – 2013. He was a 2ic and we were very good friends. Although he left CP armies we still communicate with each other via Skype. When IW paid Lucas he told me on Skype. This was the conversation:

Click for a bigger image


Click for a bigger image

Now the whole community knows. The Ice Warriors are desperate people who have never been 1st for the past 3 years, so they paid $80 and hired a crew of 20 year olds in order to do this. How pathetic. Just remember Ice Warriors that it’s a former PIRATE LEADER that is getting you all your recruits. As I am writing this post I am talking to Lucas, so say good bye to your short lived rise. 😉

And if the Ice Warriors say we bought ads on oldCP, that’s false. Jester bought ads on oldCP originally for the Doritos, but when he joined LT he simply told the owner of that site to change it to LT, then he changed it back to DCP when he returned to them. 



6 Responses

  1. scamman and moneybags

  2. Hey LT! You may know me as a LT mod that makes graphics. As of today I have been fired from LT for being a “scrub” and not knowing that LT wasn’t shut down, I read all LT posts through my email so it looked like it was pretty official and I was really upset that my home army was shut down. So I looked for new options and I saw that IW was doing pretty well not as good as LT but it was fine. Then I told Spy that I was in LT but it shut down earlier that morning. He refused that it shut down. But I joined anyway as 5ic(mod). When I went back on LT chat to see if anyone was their after the shut down I was astonished that they were having an event. I then realized I made the wrong choice. This led on to me being fired from both armies and banned forever on both chats. The moral of this story is Dont do things based on assumptions Thank you LT for the fun and laughs,
    I want to thank Matt for all the fun and helping me learn the ropes in this majestic army, I also want to thank Roberto for all the good wisdom he holds and will continue to sprinkle upon LT. I want to thank Soni, Julieanne and Bayleef for being my friends and fighting to keep me in the army. I truely hope LT will grow into a much bigger and better army and I am sad I cant come along for the ride. I will always be around and will always be with you, always wishing the best.
    You can add me as friends on xat by typing /f1467600163 into a pc, pm or main chat I will then be added as your friend where you can pc me 🙂

    • get lost. you got demoted and left LT. many people may be asking “why did you get fired?” well he didn’t, he got demoted because he always left 5 minutes early or goes afk during an event. Then right after event, you come online. Then when we caught you, you made stupid @$$ excuses. “My mom wants me to do my homework” you should of done that 2 hours before and event,

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