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[USA]Battle Glitched

Hello all LT, the US division for a much needed event, All was looking well but almost immediately after we had troop’s tactics stop working/showing and we weren’t able to see each others penguins move. Other than CP messing up we had good sizes all around. Averaging between 20 – 25 and maxing nearly 27

We were only able to get a few pics as a result of cp’s massive glitch/laggyness




See here tactics start glitching up and not showing, We then move to the berg where everything just falls apart

At this point we couldn’t see each other move or even smile we were forcedto log off soon after.

Overall our sizes were good had CP not glitched and messed up our mojo we would been smashing.

~ Bam

3 Responses

  1. too bad it bugged, btw i came

  2. CP needs to fix this and fast.



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