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Light Troops Forever

*This is Waterkid writing, not Sierra.

Hi Light Troops,

So a lot has happened in the past days. Me and LT legends wanted to take a break from LT. The only reason LT was first that week was because I had half term and could put time into leading LT. Now I don’t have time. I can’t really focus on LT much because of school and the thoughts of my exams in May makes me nervous and moody all the time. So, due to this, the Light Troops will have to be under a temporary new leadership (that is, if I find them).

A lot of you guys either have an issue with me or the army itself and went to join other armies. That’s fine. If you don’t want to be there for LT during it’s time of need, then that’s fine. But when the moment the Light Troops rise (again) just don’t expect to be unbanned from the chat.

If you aren’t in the Light Troops during their time of need, then you don’t deserve to be in the Light Troops during their time of glory. 

It may be a while (2 months), but I promise as soon as I finish my last GCSE paper in June (June 22nd) me and the LT legends will be ready to lead the Light Troops to another summer Golden Age, one that will be bigger and better than last years. Last year in the summer we were constantly in the top 3 on CPAC’s top ten and reached amazing sizes of 60+ under the leadership of me, Roberto and Ioioluk.

I’ll like to thank the true Light Troops who are sticking with the Light Troops during their worst times. It’s funny how everyone loved being a Light Troop when we were placed 1st on CPAC, but left as soon as we dropped. The true Light Troops will witness LT’s glory once more, I promise you that.


9 Responses

  1. Glory to the light

  2. We shall rise, We will destroy all enemies!
    Shine With Victory
    ~Epic Master~
    – Let’s do this together LT! –

  3. Lolk

  4. Good luck with ye Gcse’s ^-^

  5. Um yo water Can I get unbanned PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I didn’t mean what I said Plz let me come back ;(

  6. i win every battle fuck fuck fuck

  7. Wooo LT FOREVER!!!

  8. WOO!!!!!!! LT FOREVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    XD idk why lt is the best!

  9. omg I always win 😐 maybe im so lucky…. o_o

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