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dont read this

Shut up Tom. You’re no better than Konrad. I don’t know what Konrad did but for some reason you have to include me in your stupid post. I don’t ”sexually” harass anyone online. And even if I did, you think declaring war on LT would stop me? I don’t know who you think you are, because to me you just look like a mini Drake wannabe, trying to make a name for yourself in the army community. You will always be known as one of Elmikey’s bitches, so shut the hell up.

You claim LT ”kicked DW down a month ago” when you guys were in a bad state. We haven’t been in war for ages now, and don’t plan on it either. You think you’re going to make yourself look like a decent leader by invading an army that was just practically dead for a day? We died because the original LT people left (me, Roberto, etc) and don’t plan on leading the Light Troops any time soon. If you wish to make yourself look like a decent leader, then you should’ve declared war on us when we were 1st on CPAC, pussy.

Right now you’re just trying to pull a Ice Warrior war. Declaring war on LT when they’re in a bad state. You want to make it look as if it was your ”perfect” leadership that caused LT’s ”downfall”. The thing is, if you wanted to do this, then you should’ve done it when we were AT THE TOP (1st on CPAC) instead of when we already FELL (6th on CPAC). The Dark Warriors always has idiots as commanders so this wasn’t much of a surprise to me. If it isn’t Drake then it’s Toy, and if it isn’t him then it’s Tompenguin6, one of Elmikey’s bitch.

You want to act like you’re such a ”GOOD” ”LEGENDARY” leader Tom? Why don’t you tell the Dark Warriors about you leaving DW when Elmikey was coup’d and followed him to RPF like a little dog you are? I’m surprised you didn’t follow Elmikey to the Fire Warriors, lmao.

”Konrad, you are a pathetic piece of crap. A backstabbing power hungry idiot who has accomplished nothing in this community and never will.”

haha, this is coming from someone who never led an army to first on CPAC. Not to mention one of Elmikey’s little bitch that followed him wherever he went in 2013 and 2014.

3 Responses

  1. Bad wrote that post, not me, it was just I made the event schedule. I did not even agree to war with LT so this post is irrelevant.

  2. http://darkwarriorscp.com/2015/03/03/response-to-waterkid-3/ Yeah, it was me who wrote the post. It was under Tom’s name. Anyways, I’ve decided to write a post of my own to prove how much of an idiot you are, although you’ve pretty much proved that already, but I pointed out a few important aspects responding to your idiotic bullshit post. Maybe after you read it, you’ll learn to keep your big mouth shut for once.And lmao you can’t even get bitches stfu nigga with your “Sierra” shit.

  3. Ahem can I get unbanned plz I miss ZLighttroops so much if you decide to unban em im epic girl 🙂

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