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Jumping in

u probaly shouldn’t read this

The reason I’m making this post is because I have been called out by someone I barely know that comes up with the most ridiculous accusations for LT’s success; Badboy.

“I don’t like Rob either. I think hes a snake and a fool. Hes a good recruiter, and that’s all he’ll ever be good for. And by the summer Ioio will know who I am after I’m done smashing LT.”

For some reason you think you have me all figured out, from what I know I’ve only talked to you a small few times and that was when you were in LT-and if I remember correctly half the time you were begging me for editor on the site? In your next novel please try and go into more detail on how I’m a ‘snake’ and a ‘fool’ because I believe you’re just throwing out random insults that you pulled out of your ass to try and make yourself sound better. Also during the Summer, Water won’t be the only one with free time to spare so I’m looking forward to your efforts in “smashing LT”… Or maybe not considering you can barely stay in an army for more than a couple of weeks.

“If Rob wasn’t there, LT wouldn’t have been able to max 30. HE was the reason LT was good in the summer, but still not anywhere near DW’s level.”

“Rob is just too blind and doesn’t care that much about the game anymore to notice”

“And after that, go ask Rob if you can steal some more credit from him, because he’d probably say yes considering you two are in love with each other.”

This is something that not only Badboy seems to have stuck in his head, but the vast majority of people that dislike Water and attempt to discredit his work with this over-used accusation. Just like ioio, I needed Waterkid to have led the Light Troops to those sizes, it’s a team effort and everyone needs to stop making it so one-sided. I don’t see how the leadership between Water and I is any different from the one between ioio and me during 2011-2012, sure there were those few people that said I was the one that did most the work when leading with ioio but that soon died off when he proved himself that he was as dependent to the leadership as I was. I couldn’t of brought LT to those sizes without ioioluk and the great team of owners I had, and the same goes for Waterkid. Badboy, you probably aren’t very fond of this considering you are self centered and have no sort of team to work with or the fact that you have no long-term leader experience to realize this case. Water has all the right to say he contributed to the success of the Light Troops over the Summer because he did indeed work hard to bring out that success, if Water or ioio really did steal my credit do you really think I’d stay quiet and let them? I don’t protest because it’s not true! I’m not the sole reason for LT’s continuous success, this has always been a hard working army and I’m humble enough to realize that it was never all about me which separates me from most of you egotistical leaders out there that care so much about becoming a legend that they go out of their way to glorify themselves as much as possible.

4 Responses

  1. Yes. “Jumping in” waterkid’s pussy. Always knew you two had strong feelings for each other. Anyways, I won’t argue with you, because you’re just as irrelevant and idiotic as Water is.


    June 2015.

  2. i didnt understand what you mean ?????????

  3. I see you

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