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ACP You Suck

Typical ACP claiming victory when they know they lost. Hey ACP, why didn’t you post the results of the battle of Breeze? It’s because you got your butt whooped, right? LT logged on and still beat you at the battle of Northern Lights. How sad, considering it was an UNSCHEDULED event. Imagine if it was a scheduled event? We would’ve got 20+ for sure and humiliated you.

”We did no good, we only maxed 8. LT logged on late, they were bigger than us for most of it.”

No, we did not log on late at all. We logged on 2 minutes before 6:30pm GMT. And since when was there a time limit? You said it yourself, we were bigger than you for the majority of the battle. You were outnumbered at the Town so ran to the Lighthouse, and then ran again to the EPF HQ. You guys are pathetic. We logged off early due to you guys being so small and pathetic.

Honestly, I don’t know why I declared war on you guys. You guys are basically a SMAP army, you have the sizes of them but spam events to be in CPAC’s top three. The Light Troops need a real challenge.

7 Responses

  1. Shall I explain how we won?
    You won the town and Lighthouse, putting you 2-0 up. We then won the EPF room, making it 2-1. You decided to log off, claiming ‘victory’ at 6:50, with 10 minutes left. We duly went and won two more rooms uncontested, leading to a 3-2 ACP win.

    • Again, who agreed on a time limit? Certainly not LT. You guys are small and extremely shit. We logged off because it was clear the Yellow Reich dominated the battle. The ACP were not a challenge, and never will be.

      • There is no ‘agreement’ that has to be made on time limits. It’s common knowledge 3 rooms to win and in 30 minutes. You also mention we aren’t a challenge, shall I go through all the wars we’ve convincingly defeated you in?

      • Common knowledge? What are you, retarded? Since when was there a law that ALL battles have to be 30 minutes? Battles used to be hours in 2007, just because ACP are used to 30 minute events doesn’t mean LT are. If there was to be a time limit for a battle then it would have to be agreed by leaders from both armies, not just one. Fucking idiot, no wonder ACP is so small; they have idiotic owners such as yourself.

      • Fuck off you little scum trying to call me an idiot.

      • You are an idiot. All the armies you led failed. ACP is a small army that can’t get higher than 10 with incompetent owners such as yourself. Go get ACP to circle the Ice Berg or Snow Forts then I will.

  2. The ghost lives on…

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