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shut up ajman

Okay, so you claim that Club Penguin was working. So where is your result post from the battle? Your entire post was useless, all you tried to prove was that the ”Login” button was present, even though DrMatt wasn’t claiming that it wasn’t. What DrMatt was saying is that the servers weren’t working properly for the troops as Club Penguin were UPDATING. ACP didn’t even post a result post, so I don’t see why you’re making such a useless post that doesn’t prove anything. If you believe ACP won then post the result of the battle. Oh wait, you can’t, because Club Penguin wasn’t working properly for both of us.

”I please ask you and your troops to stop embarrassing yourselves even more than you already have with completely false and idiotic claims like the ones above.”

Ha, and I ask your owners to stop making ACP look like such a pussy army.

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  1. Sierra, you’re mentally unstable. Please shutup.

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