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Proof ACP DDoS

The ACP have stooped so low that they have resorted to DDoSing me, lmao! It looks like Rockstar, some irrelevant ACP owner, was so desperate for ACP have an advantage in the battle field that she DDoS’d me.

This is what Rockstar said before I went offline. I was on CP on their invalid AUSIA event mocking them and they got annoyed so Rockstar DDoS’d me, lol.

My internet went off for like 5 minutes

I will also like to blame CPAC for this. Recently I began commenting on CPAC site and all of a sudden people like Rockstar have my IP address and are doing DDoS attacks against me. Pathetic.

34 Responses

  1. First you blame Albc for dosing, now you blame rockstar? Tf is wrong with you!!!! Maybe you’re dosing yourself…

  2. bull on so many levels

  3. I said about “I got water” “I didn’t say I got Water’s iP” just wow

  4. Hello, I do not believe that there is a strong enough case here for the ACP leadership to take action against rockstar- unless you can provide us with more evidence. Rockstar may have said “I got water” in a different context- for example, he may have thrown a snowball at your penguin during a battle. Furthermore, your internet going down may have been an issue with your wi-fi that was not related to your internet being overloaded with traffic from a DDoS attack, such as there being a problem in your local area with your internet, or maybe a circuit bust and caused your internet to go offline.

    We will not take action against rockstar for the time being, unless more evidence can be provided. However, I will issue a post reminding all troops to play fairly and to not use hacking, DDoSing or multilogging to their advantage.
    -Maxy, ACP owner

  5. >Claims ACP doesn’t cheat
    >Multilogs under Cas
    >Multilogs under Jerry and Serc
    >Edits pics under Jerry and Sercan
    >Hits Water offline
    >Then calls LT cheaters

  6. Sierra go cry to your big brother, you know that LT cheats and Dosed people.

  7. Absolute bullshit. Rockstar doesn’t Ddos, and this is far from proof.

  8. But surely he couldn’t have knocked you offline if you’re using Hotspot Shield?

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