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Roberto Banished & Removed from The Light Troops

Hello LT,

As of yesterday,Roberto is no longer apart of the Light Troops.Roberto will also be known as a traitor in the Light Empire. He attempted to sabotage the Light Troops site in order to fully convert the Light Troops into a CPPS army for the oldCP CPPS. He was gone completely obessed with his CPPS warfare idea that it has been affecting his attitude to people within the Light Troops army. Many people on the chat may have noticed that he would swear and rage if people do not log on oldCP for his snowball battles.

The reason why we did not agree to convert into a CPPS army was because it gave us no meaning. If we converted there would be no more wars, no more top tens , no more of anything. It wouldn’t give LT a purpose. We are a Club Penguin Army and we will remain to be a Club Penguin Army.

Roberto is to be banned forever on chat and to not have ANY position on the site. I, DrMatt, will continue serving this army as the Supreme Commander. 

I am sorry that I had to do this, but Roberto left me with no other choice. He would either apologize or get banished, and he chose banishment.



8 Responses

  1. Thank you Matt. He attempted to fire/ban me because I hated the CPPS!

  2. Laughing

  3. i was forced to like this post

  4. wow

  5. Dam rob,you used to be so cool to everyone.you where all our frends,and now you do something like this?! You should be ashamed of yourself rob.

    – shadow LT

  6. Roberto actually has a point. I doubt OldCP would try to kill us like CP would.

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