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Warning to UTA: Get your OWN troops

I’d like to just say something about how much of a JOKE the United Troops army is. With their autistic little mods and owners that can’t autotype they decide to try chat recruit LT troops. They are claiming we don’t have proof of them troop stealing while the evidence is clear right here.

UTA, I have a great Idea that should shut you up, GET YOUR OWN TROOPS.

Oh, and if you’re ever caught on LT chat troop stealing, You have another thing coming to you.

Never join their army of fools that don’t know how to recruit.

 If anyone PC’s you to join their army, PC a mod or an owner as fast as possible.

Stay in the Light troops! We’re an actual army that knows what to do, unlike the fools they have hired.

Glory to the Light!

5 Responses

  1. UTA , noobs

    Shadow LT

  2. Please don’t use “autistic” as an insult. It’s really insensitive to people who actually are autistic and it’s just plain unnecessary. :/

  3. […] UTA was caught recruiting on Light Troop’s chat, which you can read about here. Today, it seems, they’ve decided to move onto Ice Warriors […]

  4. hello because they make those figures? ._.

  5. Epic a few days ago: DON’T SAY AUTISTIC IT’S OFFENSIVE

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