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Dear Water Ninjas

The Light Troops or ”Camelogical” have nothing to do with your chat deface. The real culprit is Dan, your supposed ”AUSIA Leader”. That noob goes on Camelogical’s xat chat on a regular basis and begs Vex & Titan (Camelogical leaders) to allow him to be accepted into Camelogical.

On Saturday or Sunday, the Water Ninjas chat was defaced. A null named ”Camelogical” was main owner. I can confirm that this wasn’t Vex or Titan. That null named ”Camelogical” made me an owner. He also made Max, Roberto and Jayden owners. That null then deownered Roberto and said, ”Rob you’re an asshole” (but this supposed ‘Camelogical’ used your instead of you’re and a instead of an). Then ‘Camelogical’ deownered everyone except me. Then 5 minutes later, Dan resets chat as main owner and says ‘CAMELOGICAL HACKED US’ and banned me.

Today your chat got defaced again and Dan was the main owner who reset chat to ‘fix’ it. I don’t know why you guys hired such an autistic person like Dan, because right now he’s just playing with you guys. Camelogical is a group that consist of two people: Vex & Titan. I have been friends with Titan since 2012. Vex & Titan have no idea who the Water Ninjas even are. So if you guys want to stop your chat getting constantly defaced, then stop letting such a Camelogical wannabe get main owner (Dan).

PS: Neither Vex or Titan were online during BOTH of these attacks. I only went on Water Ninjas chat on Saturday/Sunday because Max told me Camelogical hacked them. I arrived home from school today to get PC’s saying I ”hacked” WN chat, when I wasn’t even online. 

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  1. How stupid do you think we are?

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