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The poor autistic boy can’t even spell look correctly.

”Well waterkid, Ask ninja he was the one who gave me pass because he didnt knew how to put BG. and before pointing some one LOOK AT YOUE SELF. I use to be in camelogic 4 months ago but i left them from the time they starting hitting me off. And one more thing it wasen’t me who told camelogic to hit voyo, toy, elmikey, Albert off. LOOK AT YOUR SELF THEN SPREAK. IF YOU CONTINUE THIS KIDO THING, I SWEAR TO GOT ILL NOT LET YOU BE IN CP ARMIES.”

My God. It took me a while to understand what you wrote, your grammar is just as good as Quackenbush’s, and here is an example of Quacken’s grammar:

First of all, what type of RETARD is main owner on a chat doesn’t even know how to change the chat background? Even unknown SMAP armies know how to do that stuff. And even if he didn’t know how to put a chat background, why the hell didn’t he just let another WN leader that’s ALREADY a main owner to change the background? LOLWUT??

You used to be in ”Camelogic” 4 months ago? Is that some sort of Camelogical fan club? I remember you going on Camelogical’s chat (xat.com/nginx) and you were asslicking Vex in PC. He showed screenshots in the Skype conversation and we were laughing. He tried being your friend so he could scam your namecolor. You kept begging him to allow you to be part of Camelogical and that you would be our ”spy” as armies ”trusted you”.

Yes, it wasn’t you who told Camelogical to hit those people off, because it wasn’t them in the first place. I don’t know where you have been, but have you not seen the CPAC posts exposing Andrew24 and xxToysoldier for DDoSing?

You can’t decide whether or not I can be in CP armies, who do you think you are? You’re just an irrelevant ”IW retired owner”. You can’t even spell correctly. Arguing with you is ten times worse than arguing with Badboy. I’m just going to end this post here. Stop trying to be a Camelogical wannabe and blaming your stupidity on LT or Camelogical.


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  1. Dan the 1337 gonna get PigeonPatrol on ya servers

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