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We Need Strong Allies || The Waterkid Doctrine

We need strong allies.. like, badly. I am paranoid that armies might team up and attack us since we’re obviously the biggest and best army out there.

In the summer I am expecting a big war against the Light Troops because of this. It will just be a repeat of summer 2014 when the Dark Warriors declared war on us because we were threatening their reign of power over CP armies.

As an army, we have lots of enemies that are quite strong, like the Ice Warriors, RPF, Dark Warriors & Doritos. These guys might make an alliance in the summer to attempt to destroy the Light Troops (the #1 army), but I will make sure this will not happen.

This is why I am introducing the Waterkid Doctrine. If you didn’t know, I do History for GCSE. During the Cold War, Harry Truman (USA President) made a doctrine called the Truman Doctrine in 1947. This doctrine made it possible for the United States to support European countries financially and with military weapons in order for them not to turn Communist and ally with Soviet Russia.

The Waterkid Doctrine will be that the Light Troops will aid and support any army that are interested in becoming a strong ally with the Light Troops and I will be bot recruiting for that army too (they must provide me penguins though).

If you’re an army leader and interested then contact me on the Light Troop’s chat. In June I am predicting a big war so I’m just preparing the Light Troops for it. I am also looking for Pirate leaders, so if you’re interested make sure to PC me on LT chat.

4 Responses

  1. You’re overthinking this so much, Waterkid, we were never planning on a whole alliance war with you.

  2. RF will ally you.

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