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Zak learn how to be a good CEO

UPDATE: Apparently CPAC are now saying we were bot recruiting on EVERY Club Penguin server. LOL. Since when was bot recruiting on 3 servers considered EVERY CP server? How about you actually TALK to me about this issue instead of deducting points from LT just because Iceyfeet told you to. Horrible news site with horrible staff, such idiots.

Zak, the CPAC CEO, is the most autistic person I have ever met in this community.

So apparently, LT is being punished for using bots. LOL. Are you stupid? What’s wrong with bot recruiting? The servers were already spammed with 3 DCP auto typers and 4 IW auto typers, what difference does it make? Bloody idiot. Zak was just pressured by armies like DCP and IW to do point deductions because they are mad that the Light Troops discovered bot recruiting first.

Let’s see. If it was the ACP that discovered bot recruiting, this wouldn’t be happening to them. But when it’s the Light Troops, we MUST be punished since we’re the army that everyone hates! The Ice Warriors were using 5 bots to auto type on the server Blizzard today, same with the Dark Warriors. Yet, it’s only the Light Troops that get punished, not them! How typical.

Want to know why I started bot recruiting? It was because of the Ice Warriors and Doritos. Thinkcode was bot recruiting for the Doritos with like 30 bots on Ice Berg and got them a lot of recruits. The Ice Warriors had like 2 bots on every 5 bar server 2 months ago, and I complained about this but decided not to as I knew Zak would kiss Iceyfeet’s ass and not punish them.

Two years ago in May, Elmikey used auto typing for the RPF army and made them big. The RPF used lots of auto typers in their army, I remember. I would go on Alaska and I would see 4 RPF auto typing. I said to myself, ”How the hell are they doing this? Bots?” Later everyone found out about auto typing. If you’re going to punish me about using bots for recruiting, then why not punish EVERY SINGLE ARMY FOR AUTO TYPING?

Club Penguin was DDoS’d 2 weeks ago, you really think Club Penguin will ”ban” armies just because of a few bots that can EASILY be banned and patched? You’re so stupid. I am honestly disappointed that the Blue brothers have such a stupid successor, then again, CPAC as a whole is a stupid news site.

Also, CPAC are now saying that because I am bot recruiting on all 5 bar servers it’s giving a bad image for CP armies. LOL. Are they THIS stupid? Armies auto type on EVERY server. It doesn’t matter if I bot recruit or not, there will ALWAYS be two or more armies auto typing on that server ANYWAY.


This picture is from June 2013. Bot recruiting has been used BEFORE.

PS: Shadow Troops used bots for all of their events. However, they were not punished since Zak and his stupid self wasn’t able to notice that they were bots. CPAC fails.

3 Responses

  1. To be honest, idc what other people says, i don’t hate waterkid or LT. And ACP can’t ban me, just because I don’t agree what they think. Not everybody is bad. And may I remind everyone, this is all a fucking game? I mean like for real, you guys take this stuff too seriously. Some people calls me Pain 2.4, because i’m power hungry, but I mean like for real, y’all need to chill. I don’t care if people think im stupid or if they hate me, for not hating waterkid or LT. idrgaf. I don’t have to think, what other people think, thats them, not me.

  2. Water, just don’t let them get to you, how you gonna run somethin if you cant control your emotions? ik you tryin to act hard and stuff. but theres times you just gonna deal with it and move on, dont let people get to you, and who cares if people hate you or LT, it would only make you stronger on the inside. not everybody gonna like you, you just gonna let it go. and not everybody do hate you. if you just ignore it and let it go and move on, it will make you a better leader. if nobody can help you, you gotta help yourself, thats wat i had to do.

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