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Proof IW use bots to recruit


If CPAC aren’t bias then they will punish the Ice Warriors. However, we all know Zak is a slave to Iceyfeet and the Ice Warriors, so he won’t punish them at all. Zak, prove to us you’re not bias and punish IW. You punished the Light Troops for bot recruiting, so why not the Ice Warriors? 8^)

5 Responses

  1. That’s autotyping. Autotyping used to not be an accepted practice until Elmikey came along and proved it could be useful. If that’s Multilogging, I’ll see where you’re coming from.

  2. I hate it when someone calls me autistic, why do you have to piss me off?

  3. Lmfao. If this were true, not only two penguins would be saying the same thing at the same time.

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