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LT doesn’t ”Cheat”

The Ice Warriors are so butthurt that they lost that they are claiming that we ‘cheated’ in today’s battle (even though we didn’t). I have been recruiting all day today which is why we got the sizes we got today. In fact, we get these sizes EVERY weekend, so I don’t know why they’re so surprised. Here’s a picture of LT’s site stats:

Time is EST

Those were our stats today.

Also, if you’ve noticed on LT chat we had LOTS OF NULLS/CP RECRUITS. They even logged on CP 1 hour EARLY before the battle (ask any LT owner or even Andrew, these CP recruits were so eager to battle). I don’t even know what ”proof” IW has of us ”cheating” but after our past experience with CPAC I have a bad feeling they will believe that we’re really stupid enough to ”use bots” in a TOURNAMENT event, DESPITE the fact we had TWO POOLS ON CHAT.

Ice Warriors, ever since Funks got leader you guys have been getting sizes of 15 on CP. Just accept defeat and move on. You guys have already won like 20 tournaments, why so butthurt about this one? If you wanted to win then you should have simply not hired Funks.

Yeah, WE’RE the cheaters right?!

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