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Golden Frail Squad

I won’t be hiring any owners any time soon, considering LT just depends on me for everything. The USA owners had ONE job, and that was to lead the USA division on Monday to sizes of 20+. Nothing hard. They failed me, LT got around 9. Instead of trying to improve the USA division they just go hangout on other army chats and disgrace LT’s name.

Yesterday I decided to have a UK event and we got 20+. That’s because I was leading it. If I was at that USA event then LT would’ve got 20+ as well since I’m the only one in this army that recruits and the troops love me. I can’t be carrying some useless USA owners that pay retirees namecolor for ”tips to become a good leader (TILGEN) and two quiet owners who don’t say anything (Coqi and Ant).

Well, now we know why the Golds died (incompetent owners) and we also know that the Light Troops depend on me and only me. I am the best leader LT has ever had, it has pretty much been proven.

9 Responses

  1. LOL. Conceited much?

    • Not really. I have led LT to 50+ plenty of times. What have you done instead of being an irrelevant IW mod?

      PS: Stop going on xat/CP army sites while you’re at school. It’s pretty sad.

  2. Yo water, I fixed lt css and got the old 1; if you want then pic behind the title of the sidebar tell me.. http://pastebin.com/Z8S9mXrA

  3. >hires nwa fanboys
    >expects them to be able to lead

  4. Won’t be on until saturday because I’m going on a trip to mayo and were staying over night.

  5. lmfao GG shitty golden squad (except coqui)

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