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IW are stupid af (response to multi log accusations)

LT does not multi log. IW simply picked random troops and labelled them as ”multi logs” because they aren’t xat people. Those people you picked were fresh CP recruits who came from Club Penguin TODAY. The reason why some troops have low stamps and new penguin names is because they’re from OLD CP CPPS. They are active on the CPPS but NOT on Club Penguin, hence the low stamps. LT only had 2 owners who attended this event (Jessie and I) and 5 moderators, the rest of our chat was filled with members from Club Penguin. Just because Kingfunks4 is a bad leader and is leading IW to defeat doesn’t mean you have to come up with stupid accusations.

PS: Last week, when we defeated IW, they claimed I used bots and that I multi logged. They showed their ”evidence” to CPAC (army news site) and they simply laughed at them. IW are so bad right now because Funks cannot lead!

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