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Saviour: Prologue

Hello LT,

As some of you may know, I have been currently working on a 5 part story for LT. It will be both past and present. I am releasing the prologue today. Each chapter will be released every friday. Please feel free to comment your opinion whether it’s mean or not, I really won’t care. Anywas here is the start of “Saviour”!


– Before the Explosion-

“THERES NOT MUCH TIME” I shouted, time was running out. Over 5000 men had lost there lives in this bloody battle. Blood,bodies,limbs were everywhere. It was a dark day for the Light Troops. As Jose and I ran over to the truck seeking for protection, I thought to myself, How will I ever make it out of this battle? I looked over to Jose to see if he thought the same thing. “It’s best if we regrouped in the forest” said Jose. I agreed and sent a message to all troops to regroup in the mid forest. “We need to move fast and quiet” I exclaimed. As we ran into the forest, I was in shock of the casualties of this battle. Some of the best even died in this battle like Billy……Billy was a loyal and brave troop some even say he was the best troop LT has ever had. Kid was insane but strong.

When we finally got to the meeting point in the forest, only half of us made it back. “How many losses” asked Ioioluk. “About 5000″ replied Supra. There were different groups split up. Group A, Group B and the Elite 2 teams. The elite teams consisted of the very best Light Troops.” Group A and B have been taken out by bombers in the rear end of the battlefield “said Supra. “Also ioio sir, the first team of elites have almost been taken out aswell. nervously said by Tylund. ” “This is there status of being alive or not” As tylund handed the paper over to Ioioluk, Ioio froze.

Members of the 1st Elite Squad

1. JuJuFlower – Deceased

2. Kristen – Deceased

3. Penguinz – Unknown

4. RMSTitanic – Unknown

5. 1a3t – Deceased

6. Billy – Deceased

7. Lila – Alive

8. Tylund1 – Alive

9. Polov – Unknown

10. Emmalise – Alive

* All the rest are Unknown

Ioio stood there speechless. “Are you sure shes dead”? asked Ioio. Jujuflower has been his true love since the birth of the army. Everyone was quiet, waiting to see ioioluks reaction. Tylund cleared his throat. “Yes she was assasinated by DW leader Spi101. Everyones mouths wide open, in shock that there own friend, own parter had killed Juju. Ioio screamed “SPI101 WILL PAY FOR THIS”. Suddenly a shot fired and Ioio fell to the floor. He had been shot in the leg. “WERE UNDER ATTACK, GET TO THE HELICOPTERS” shouted by Cargo. We rushed to the helicopters dodging bullets as they were flying all over the place. I quickly took position in the pilot’s seat and slowly started to lift the chopper off the ground. Luckily everyone made it safe into all the 5 helicopters, and thankfully we all were able to survive this surprise attack. As I still was was lifting the helicopter off the ground, I heard a noise as if someone threw something into the helicopter.It was only until I realized………………………………………………………………………..


4 Responses

  1. lol’d @ “Juju- deceased”

  2. Your.

  3. I’m with you brother 🙂

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