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RPF are Dumb.

Waterkid edit: RPF leaders are like over 18, they are legally adults. I feel sorry for RPF troops, imagine being in a CLUB PENGUIN army that is being led by ADULTS? I would suggest them to join the Light Troops, an army that isn’t being led by unemployed adults!

You know, I really love to question the actual stupidity of the RPF. They claimed they have took our capital but really they didn’t .  There was no 24 hour notice. There was no comment on LT site notifying us,No one came to our chat. Also don’t pull that bs saying, “You should of looked on RPF website”. Now why the hell would one of us look on RPF website ?  They also tried to take our capital during a tournament, Stupid or what?

Hate to break it to you RPF but…….



LOL,Look at silverburg acting all tough just because RPF maxed 50+ at one single event.  Calm down there buddy don’t get too excited. That doesn’t necessarily mean your gonna max 50+ again. As Waterkid said, LT can easily get 50+ on a weekend event without hyping it for a week. We could literally give a 12 hour notice and still in fact get 50+. In fact this summer we’ll be maxing over 70+ this summer every day.

RPF are fake. Stop trying to act so innocent. We all know you get a good portion of those sizes by pcing everyone on your friends list. Honestly I have some words of advice for Silver and Elmikey. Both of you need to seriously get off of club penguin websites and go get a life. It’s a little weird for almost 20 or 20 year olds to be on club penguin chats and websites. You might as well give up now because RPF will be dead by the end of the summer. Meanwhile LT will be in another Golden age.

5 Responses

  1. Hell yes!!

  2. drmatt spitting fire!

  3. rpf fighting us? heck no!

  4. Well, we’ve now established there’s 2 pedophiles // Perverts playing on clubpenguin!

  5. DrMatt Standing Up!

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