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Saviour: Chapter 1


Chapter 1 : The Awakening

I awoke in a hospital bed. Lost and confused. “Where the hell am I”? saying to myself. I can’t remember what happened last. I can’t remember how I ended up here. “Where is everyone”? “How long have I been here”? I slowly got up from the bed and looked at the time and date.  February 26th 2014. I froze wondering where I have been for the last six months. “You’ve been in a coma, surpising right”? I turned around to a man standing in a uniform. “Who..Who are you”? “My name is Waterkid101” replied the man. I’ve heard the name before but I am not sure where I heard it. “What happened” I asked. “Well, you were in a explosion when you were in that helicopter. A dark warrior threw a grenade,” replied Waterkid101. Suddenly it all came back to me. The explosion , everything. “Your lucky to be alive DrMatt” exclaimed Waterkid.

Waterkid told me all about what happened to the Light Empire. He told me that Ioioluk had to retire due to a serious leg injury. He’d be limping all his life. A bunch of others retired too, injuries or no injuries they just retired. The Light Troops have had a whole enw division. I asked Water, about the 1st Immortal squad, if they ever found any bodies. He told me that Juju,Kristen,1a3t and Billy’s bodies have all been undiscovered, but for a fact they were dead. “Let me introduce yout ot he new members of the 1st Immortal squad. About 6 troops walked in after. “Matt I want you to meet the new members of the 1st Immortal squad. They all introduced themselves. “Konrad,Woogy,EpicM,Bayleef,Silent and Tobercold. Heh funny named I replied. “But it’s all nice to meet to meet you” I then said. “Matt, I’m asking you too return to the Light Troops as leader.” I was unsure of my choice. Should I return, should I not? I told water to give me a day to decide.

I was up all night. Thinking about what had happened. Thinking how I could have slipped into a coma for so long. I decided to look up to see if the 2nd Immortal squad was alive,which was the one I was in. There status was.

Members of the 2nd Immortal Squad.(Original)

1. DrMatt – Alive

2. Supra – Alive

3. S Cargo 2 – Unknown

4. Jose/Polar – Alive

5. Josh/ Zebra 3 – Deceased

6. MrCool/Gold Falcon – Deceased

6. Kennybot3000 – Alive

7. Cooln2 – Alive

9. Hope/Luv – Unknown

10. Tryme79 – Unknown

* Others are Unknown

The next morning I made my choice to return. There was a important meeting soon after I announced my choice. “We have a long war ahead of us” said Waterkid. “The Dark Empire must be destroyed, after what happened last time” exclaimed EpicM. I knew that it was happening all over again, but worse. “We have less than 4 months to prepare” replied Konrad. I was excited to be back, but I also knew that this would be one of my last wars. “Training starts NOW” yelled Waterkid.

Months passed by, there was a week left until the the raid of the Dark Warriors capital. A lot has happened in these last few months. A  few familiar faces have returned to the Light Troops or have stopped by for a hello. “Jose , Supra, Tylund and Cooln2, have agreed to return as well for the upcoming war. We also have another strong figure returning aswell. Roberto , Rob was cocky but he knew how to lead a army. During these months, a lot has happened with the returning of Legends and Veterans. Waterkid also happened to get married to a women named Jessie. We trained all day every day. Through every type of weather. This was the start of something golden.


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  1. Awesome!! 😀

  2. cant wait till the chapter 2

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