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You Didn’t Win ll Tuxedo is Ours

Hello LT,

Today we invaded RPF’s capital and captured it successfully. We had amazing sizes and amazing tactics. We destroyed RPF’s capital, meanwhile they were too scared to fight us until the last 5 minutes of the battle. Just because you came the last 5 minutes of the battle doesn’t mean you won. RPF were so scared they even got allies to help them! LOL, how pathetic of them. They did absolutely nothing this whole entire battle. Good Job on winning today troops ! Glad to say Tuxedo is ours.


Yes,yes you did lose RPF.






4 Responses

  1. U didnt posted the pic when u were fighting with rpf that time we won at the wnd we won u fuckers

  2. We were 70 at last u fuckers

  3. Sorry Guys I should have not said that thing . Sorry I was angry that time

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