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The Light Troops 2nd Prom!

Hello LT!

We are having our second prom! We had our first prom in February which was a success. It will take place Saturday, June 20th 2015. I will be posting the times below. We will also have Prom King and Queen once again. I will also explain that below. Now before I get on with the post I will be answering questions you all probably have.

How will Prom work?: Prom will be held at Billiej3000’s igloo. It will be decorated in a prom theme. There will be lots of games and prizes included for all of the troops.

What do I wear? : You can wear anything you want. For Prom people usually wear a suit and a dress.

How do I enter Prom King and Queen? : In order to enter you must find a partner. Doesn’t matter if it’s your gf/bf or your friend. As long as you have somebody whos willing to enter with you then you are good. There will be a poll up on Wednesday for Prom King and Queen voting. So be sure to find a partner as soon as possible. Also, when you find your partner, comment on this post who you will be going with.

*Example : My name is DrMatt/Billiej3000 and I am participating in Prom King and Queen with so/so

The Prizes for Prom King / Queen are:

Prom King: 500 xats or 1 Month Membership

Prom Queen: 500 xats or 1 Month Membership

You can either pick 500 xats or a 1 month membership. You cannot pick both. Prizes will be awarded as soon as announced who the Prom King and Queen is. I will also be making sure that this is fair. Unlike the last time some people cheated. This will be a much more organized Prom. So save the date because Prom is in 6 days!

Saturday ~ June 20th , 2015

Light Troops Prom #2

Server: IceBox

Times: 1:00pm EST – 6:00pm UK – 10:00am PST – 12:00pm CST – 11:00am MST

10 Responses

  1. i think this will be a fun prom

  2. Matt,unban me on chat please.


  4. My name is Gideon755 and I am participating in prom King and Queen with Loopy795

  5. I wanna go… can i just friend the guys who’s igloo it’s at and go that way? idk though…

  6. I banned you for being inappropriate ….Not talking.

  7. My name is Bayleef and i will go with Fabgirl

  8. yayyyyyyyyyy

  9. Um… Can I go alone?

  10. prom was horrible in EST the guy didn’t even show up!

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