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Battle vs. RPF Results

Hey Light Troops,

Today we demolished the RPF army. They were weak and are being led by 19 year olds who can’t get a job or get accepted into any college. They are a freaky army because most of their troops are adults and this is a childs game so they are an unsafe army to be around. I highly suggest all LT troops NOT to go on RPF chat or their site as they like to post bad images that only adults look at.

Anyways, we taught the RPF army a lesson. We logged on Breeze and fought them. ACP were scared of both of us so Ahmed being the weak leader he is ordered ACP to have an event on a 5 bar server. Good job to all LT who attended, make sure to attend the battle on Friday!

3 Responses

  1. Dear waterkid,
    I’m writing this on my phone btw).
    I’ve been quite inactive over the past week and it’s because I’ve been very busy with some things in life, for the next week or so it will be the same. I will be back in 2 weeks and I’ll be hugerier than ever! I hope you understand.
    ~Epic Master LT Lord (2ic)

  2. LOL rpf and dw sucks, Bam will soon be leading ACP solo in 9 days. ACP and LT will crush the Dork Warriors and Rachet Peasant Federation and it will be a win – win 🙂 Good job on your win LT

  3. Water,the ranks need to be updated.

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